Rejection. It is a bitter thing. As abstract as it is, no one can deny it's sting. I, for one, have been rejected... my love unrequited. 

Now here comes the question: my intention was good... but why?

I know that this doesn't happen once... but a lot. However, it seems that the frequency is high for me. 

Three months ago, I loved this coffee shop. I have always dreamed of working as a barista in there, to see myself sporting that black apron. I have been a loyal customer to that store. The baristas became my friends. They would smile and serve me with care. I really felt that I was welcomed there. 

I really want to know more about handling and making coffee. For me, it is a form of art... of flavor, of aroma, and of playing with the senses. But I never had the opportunity to learn that. Working for that beloved coffee shop was the only way. 

So when the time came that I decided to be a barista too, I sent out my resume to them. I had all the hopes that I would at least be called for an interview. But no. Just a day after, I got my rejection letter. Sigh.

Maybe I expected too much. Maybe I thought that they would still treat me as their beloved customer. Maybe all their smiles and care were all fake. :(

Maybe. Just maybe. Or maybe not. 

And now, another rejection comes. It is painful. Crazy. Rejection is always painful. But it is more so for me because I don't understand the real reason behind it. 

The question is "Why", as it has always been. 


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