Best of Anime 2014

I know I have been bombarding you with cosplay and anime posts. Hehehe~ But from my latest blog about STGCC, lemme now give you my coverage of an event close to home: The Best of Anime 2014. Truth be told, I miss last year's BOA because of conflicting schedules and it became my motivation to attend this time around. \(^_^)/ 

Best of Anime 2014 was held for two days (Sept. 20-21) at SMX Convention Center. I was only able to attend Day 2. It is an event about anime in general. It features anime OST artists, screenings, and of course, cosplay. Basically, my interest in anime kickstarted my otaku journey. Hehehe~ The event was well organized and the crowd, though many, was properly controlled. You can still walk around freely despite the number of people going in and out of SMX. I noticed that the Manila International Book Fair attracted a huge crowd as well. 

The entrance to the BOA event

When I arrived  in the Function Hall, I was greeted by the excited feeling of the crowd on the stage. Well, who wouldn't be? Musician Joe Inoue greeted us! He co-hosted the introduction for the Battle of the Bands. 

Joe Inoue on stage

The first contestant for the Battle of the Bands
Going around, I find the place easier to walk through. I saw merchants' and artists' booths.  I bought two cute bagtags from one of the kiosks. I plan to give these to my colleagues at work. Hope they like it!

And of course, the food booth,  where I saw the very cute Mogu Mogu mascot! Awww.... 

Cutie Mogu Mogu mascot! (^_^)
One fine booth was ManikaManila, where stylish Ball Jointed Dolls were on display. I took photos of them. I was able to carry a doll named Usa, too! Yep, I didn't cosplay in this event. 

Me and Usa (photo by ManikaManila)

And oh, what made me more ecstatic was being able to see the Japanese girl band Starmarie up close! After their performance on stage, which got us all asking "Are you enjoy?" in high pitch, they went to their booth. Luckily, I was nearby. They are all so kawaii! I couldn't believe my eyes that I got this close! 


Alright, lemme now get to the cosplayers. I went around and took a whole lot of photos, as usual. 

Reeve as Len Kagamine

Yhzcel as Hatsune Miku

Cosplayer Rosette as Raito Sakamaki of Diabolik Lovers

as Belldandy of Oh My Goddess!

as Haru from Rave

Cosplayer Kristell Lim

Ahri from League of Legends

Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Ezra from Fairy Tail

Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata

Mina Kim as Argenta of Dragon Nest

Ruby from RWBY

Maou-Sama from Hataraku Maou-Sama!

The Marionettes from Saber Marionette J

The Dark Magician from Yugi-Oh

Lupin III from the anime Lupin III

Misaka Mikoto from To Aru Kagaku No Railgun 

Cosplayers Rosette and Reeve in a funshoot (^_^)

And my favorite cosplayer of the day is... 

...Doll Tsukino as Alisa Bosconovitch from Tekken 6. I love all the vivid colors and details from head to foot! I was on the second floor when I saw her entering SMX. She was striking even from a distance! I really waited for a chance to take a photo of her! 

From cosplay to the booths, Best of Anime was an event that I really enjoyed at every angle. It was an awesome experience! Oh, one of the reasons why I went to the event was to see Kaika of The Cosplay Chronicles. I didn't manage to take a photo of her but I did saw her on stage during the awarding ceremony. Yay, happy! 

I ended my visit kinda like how it started: watching Joe Inoue sing and perform on stage! Wow! 

Joe Inoue performs on stage


Nate said…
Nice! Nakapunta nga ko ng SMX that day, but only sa bookfair. Di ako nakabili ng ticket para sa BOA (mahal eh...) pero enjoyable naman and saw the cosplayers din. By the way, first cosplay event ko yan (yung last year).

Did you go to the bookfair? Just asking. :)

and are you going to Cosplay Mania this weekend? :) I'll (hopefully) be there.
Angel Mariel said…
Hi Nate! I didn't go to the book fair, I like books eh.. baka mapagastos lang ahahahaha... yep.. i'll be in Cosmania this weekend too. see you! :)
Nate said…
Ah I see...

Just asking, are you gonna cosplay this weekend? Which character will you go as? I might see you by then...
Angel Mariel said…
yep, I will go as Rei :)
Chic and Alluring said…
Awww, looks like you had a great time!

It must be nice to belong to a community that shares your interest.

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