Cosplay Mania 2014

Cosplay Mania 2014, themed as "Cosplay Mania: Evolution" elevated the experience with more activities and international cosplayer guests. Fans and cosplayers flocked SMX Convention Center on October 4 and 5 to get that adrenaline rush brought on by the exciting event.

There were many International Cosplayer guests among which were Pinky Lu Xun, VAMPY BIT ME, Inui Tatsumi, Orochi X, Jesuke Jes, Reika, and Kaname. Musicians Aya Ikeda and Loverin Tamburin also made an appearance.They held meet-and-greet sessions and performed on stage. Sadly, I wasn't able to see or even catch a glimpse of them. I went on Day 2, as my schedule permitted. But no worries, have photos of some of the guests, do check out their blog here

Inui Tatsumi as Saito Hajime from Rurouni Kenshin

Aya Ikeda performs on stage

VAMPY BIT ME as Psylocke 

Cosplayer Orochi X

Cosplayer Jesuke Jes

Doraemon, Nobita, and Shizuka mascots went on stage, as well. They're so adorable! (^_^)

And oh! My cosplay idol, Jin Joson, was there, too! Waaaa~ I missed it all! Jin and her friends cosplayed characters from Free! She cosplayed as Haruka Nanase together with her friend Miguel who cosplayed as Makoto. Won’t you agree that she fits Haruka Nanase perfectly with that serious look in her eyes? 

Jin and Miguel as characters from Free!

Hmmm... If I had known that Day One would be this awesome, I could have decided to drop by as well. Oh.... But anyway, let's move on to Day Two. 

It has been months since I last cosplayed. And I remember that I haven't brought my Rei Ayanami costume to Cosplay Mania before. The year 2012 was for Sakura Haruno and 2013 was for Xion. Now for 2014, it's Rei.

Photo by Mark Joseph Legaspi

Photo by Willord Ordona

I bought the silver ticket so I had access to the merchant booths and the main stage. I bought some really cool stuff! Like these Pokemon plushies! They are soooo cute man! Especially that Minun one! Unfortunately, I couldn't find any Larvitar plushie... sad... (T_T)

Axew and Minun plushies! 
Who is a fan of Kaname and Reika? Me! Hehehe~ But I missed their meet-and-greet sessions. (T_T) So I opted to buy their photo card instead. So wonderful cosplayers! 

Kaname and Reika Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay
Cosplay Mania 2014 was the first time that I've seen a booth dedicated to Magic: The Gathering. I know the game from my friends who play it but I never really had the chance to get my hands on it. The booth featured tutorials about the game either on the table (playing with an opponent for real) or on the iPad (playing with the computer). I went to the iPad ones because there was no queue there. Hehehe

People playing Magic cards at the booth

Me playing Magic on the iPad. Let the battle begin! 
So after the tutorial, I was given my very own demo deck of 30 cards! Wheeee~ I got the green deck. Aside from that, there was also a photobooth where I posed with a Magic cosplayer who portrayed the planeswalker Jace Beleren.

At the photo booth 

My green demo deck (^_^)
Aside from exploring the booths, I also went around and took photos of cosplayers, as usual. Well, the best shots are from outside the halls. I take it that the lighting was better there. (^_^)

I was so happy to see another cosplayer as Rei Ayanami of Evangelion 

Reeve as Len Kagamine

as Jack Frost 

as Cloud of Final Fantasy

as Elsa from Frozen

Cosplayer James Paolo Angeles

Rosette as Rin Kagamine

Cosplayer Kristell Lim

Yhzcel as Sailor Chibi Moon

X-Men group cosplay

Baker's Armory as Batman

And oh... let us pause for a short while... When I was roaming around, I saw a surprise! Someone proposed to his beloved! All of us who witnessed got all kilig! Awww....

Okay now.. back to the topic... Hehehe~ Here are more photos of the cosplayers...

Mary Grace as Ryoku from Kill La Kill

Cosplayer Willord Ordona 

as Elsa from Frozen

Xtian Mack as an ANBU ninja from Naruto

as Asuka Langley Soryu of Evangelion

Cosplayer Valkyrie

as Star-Lord and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy

And my favorite cosplayer of the day is... 

Now, for the most part, I knew the Pikachu cosplayer would be one of the guests of the event, too. That got me very excited! I am currently addicted to Pokemon X (trying to breed 6 IV Larvitars hehehe~) and no doubt about it, the cutest Pokemon for me is still Pikachu! And this was the most unforgettable cosplay for me in this event! 

Pikachu! photo by
Pikachu! Photo by

My friends and I just managed to sneak in for a photo with the cutie pie! Pikachu was just as popular as the International Cosplayers. Lots of people couldn't get enough of it! 

Pikachu with me and my friend Rosette
Pi-ka-pi~ What a day it had been! Despite the darkening sky, people were still not going back home yet! I was at the Freedom Hall and saw that the energy of the crowd was still pumping! A dance showdown was happening by the Level Up! booth! Oh oh oh! That cute Mogu Mogu mascot was on it! 

But it was time for me to go home. My camera has been drained and so were my knees! Hahaha! And let me end this post just like how my Facebook status went: 

Cosplay Mania was a blast! (^_^) Thanks to everyone, familiar faces and new friends who made my day! (^_^)v

My Cosplay Mania loot


Nate said…
I dunno why, it feels like Mania's been a long time ago though it was the other week. Eventually gonna post about this event soon...

By the way, is this you?
Angel Mariel said…
yep that's me! LOL! Where did you get that? :)
Nate said…
I took that back CosMania. When I saw you, I knew that was you... Naki-selfie pa nga ko eh, hehehe. It was good to see you in person. :)

By the way, I'm done with my CosMania post. If you want, you can check it out. :)
Dessi Fleur said…
Nice products ;)
I am your follower , I hope you will follow back  ;) 
Beauty World by Dessi
Chic and Alluring said…
Oh, how fun! I've always been so interested in cosplaying, but felt so shy about it. :-P
Angel Mariel said…
yep, it's fun.. now all you have to do is take that first step.. . (^_^)

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