Those Lovely Drinks

EA strikes again! Or well, I strike again. Hahaha~ Anyway, I remember my The Sims 3 rant a while back. Honestly, I still play the game on our PC at home. It's the game for me, unfortunately. I get the most enjoyment (and stress because of all the bugs) whenever I play it.

My sister installed the Late Night expansion pack for The Sims 3. I like open world and I won't let it go (Sorry, Sims 4). The city lifestyle, high rise buildings, bars, celebrity status, and vampires! In fact, I made one vampire sim and made her go to parties a lot! Her lifetime wish is similar to one of my wishes: to be a Blog Artist.

My vampire sim. Laverne. She is actually sweet and kind.
So my vampire sim, Laverne, got an opportunity (or mission/quest) to go to a bar named Banzai Lounge and order a drink. However, there is glitch that the bartender/mixologist leaves the bar the moment my sim enters it. And the moment she leaves, the mixologist returns to tend the bar. Whaaaat? How is she supposed to complete the quest, now?

It's just so frustrating that I wanted to go to a cocktail bar for real! And you know, the drinks they serve in The Sims 3 bars were so creatively named. The glasses and the colors look good, as well. My favorite sim drink is the "Sorrow Annihilator". Now, if only that exists in real life.That could’ve helped me ease my distress with The Sims. Hahaha~

Ironically, I guess I have to thank EA for giving me the chance to appreciate the crafts and creativity that is in cocktails! (^_^) Hmmm... at least the mixologist tending the bar doesn't go away when I enter the place.

So now, dearies, alongside coffee, yogurt, cakes, and ice cream, you will now see cocktails on the pages of "The Things I Do for Love". I already visited a cocktail bar earlier today and I'm excited to share it with you. But this post is getting quite long so I will tell you more about it in detail next time.

Meanwhile, here are the photos of my lovely drinks...

Cosmoplitan, as posted in my Instagram.

I ordered not just one...

So drink up! Real life's better than the simulated one!



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