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Happy New Year, dearies! How was your new year’s celebration? 

Today, I will feature a new book I got from author Vea Mari Villasol Canare (Missterious Dreamer). I initially wanted to go to MIBF last September 2022 to join in the events where this book was featured. However, at that time I was swamped with commitments and missed the events. But no worries, I’m very grateful that the author sent me a copy of this book. It’s like I didn’t miss MIBF at all. The Special Gift Set of the book came with a tote bag, notepads, stickers, and a bookmark!. I love them! 😍

Dear You, book by Author Vea Mari Villasol Canare

Dear You is a self-help book by Vea. Her first book was Glimmer of Light. Click on the link to read more about it with a short author interview. Following Glimmer of Light, Dear You takes on the theme of encouragement and positivity. 

I like the book because it gave me advice on life matters. My favorite is the “You are capable” section as it resonated with me in my line of work whenever I feel that what I do is not appreciated or rewarded enough. There are also letters that take on topics like love, work, and friendship. Vea’s poems in the book also struck a chord in my heart.

The book cover stands out, as well. It is designed like a postal letter from the author to you. And Vea makes it feel like it is personalized for every reader. The layouts and the design of the book pages are also on point. It is a work of art through and through, full of creativity, from words to pictures. 

Take a closer look at the cover art of Dear You.

Overall, the book was a good read. There were no boring parts and I enjoyed reading every page. I was able to read it in two days.

I am proud of the author that at such a young age, she is full of wisdom and she is able to help me by giving me advice and positivity in my life.  It is beautiful in content and design. And thank you so much for giving me a rare signed copy! I'm so kilig!

Thank you for this signed copy! 

Check out her book, Dear You, by messaging the author on how to buy it. 

Dear You is published by TBC Publications

Contact the author below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vea.mari

Twitter: @vea_mari

Instagram: @vea_mari

Wattpad: @MissteriousDreamer

See you soon, Dearies!

Angel Mariel


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