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Bird Watching (and more!) at Bird Paradise Singapore

The bubbly morning calls from the Bubuls, the dawn cries of Jungle fowl, nature feels right when it is filled with the cacophony of birds. It is pretty rare to see a zoo just dedicated to birds and it is so wonderful.   We went to Bird Paradise on our recent trip to Singapore! I was so excited to see a huge park dedicated to birds. And I can’t wait to share it with you. Bird Paradise for birds of the world! From Jurong Bird Park to Bird Paradise You will be greeted with this beautiful nature facade. They don't have paper maps at the park. It would be better if you download the app, which has the map and you can also check out various activities there.  The park is divided in to various aviaries, taking inspiration from the regions where the birds came from. They are all unique with their colorful feathers, too! Take a look:   Penguins at Penguin Cove! Lots of Flamingos! A beautiful Hyacinth Macaw graced us with its presence. A tree full of birds! Some do sit on the fence. They wal

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