My Stop at MV Doulos

Ever since Ma'am Locaylocay mentioned a "Floating Bookstore" where she bought a Physical Chemistry book, I have always been intrigued. "Hmmm... I have never heard of it before. What does it look like?", I thought.

Months later, I heard that the "floating bookstore" has docked in Cebu. It's name is MV Doulos. My interest of it grew when I saw on TV that the ship is one of the world's oldest and is maintained by an international crew.

"I want to go there.", I said.

However, with a lot of academic requirements on my hands, I failed to visit it. I was further saddened when I found out that it was their last voyage or something. "Looks like I will have the chance to go there ever!", I said with a heavy sigh.

But in life, we are always given a chance. Lots and lots of them.

Just this month of February 2009, I was surprised to see a brochure of MV Doulos. The ship is in Bacolod.Yippee! My chance has come! I'm so happy that it docked in Bacolod especially for me.

So, my sister and I scheduled February 28 for MV Doulos. The long queue startled us when we arrived at BREDCO International Port. And it was still 10:30 AM! Looks like a lot of people wants to check out the ship as well. So, I braced myself for a long wait under the sun, taking pictures to kill time. But I was wrong. The line was long, but it moved fast. And along the way, I saw a German girl giving water to those who were thirsty, Some of the crew entertained us with pantomime shows. I determined their respective countries when I saw the flags printed on their IDs.

And minutes later, we were on the boat! I was so excited as my dream was taking place. I waited for so many months just to get my foot on that boat! We hurried to the book fair. And oh! There were so many people that there were no more vacant aisles. But my sister and I pursued.

The book fair specialized in religious books, cook books, and children's books. There were few books on science and general knowledge. I bought a book along with some souvenir items.

Our next step was the International Cafe. I just love food! Unfortunately, I still had to fall in line. I ordered two ice creams, a cookie, and water. the ice cream was creatively whipped into a tower and the vanilla flavor was evident in my every bite. It was an extraordinary ice cream, soft and chewy unlike any other.

The cookie was my favorite. It was so big, being two inches in diameter and one centimeter thick. It was packed with flavor, nut, and choco chips. I was so full that I wasn't able to finish it.

The visit took us about 1 hour and 30 minutes. We took a lot of pictures, made friends with the crew, and admired the modernized ship. Honestly, I expected MV Doulos to look like Titanic, being made in 1914. Now, it resembles a cruise ship without all the luxury.

The MV Doulos Captain mascot was my favorite crew. His body is so fluffy and cuddly. "Yes?", he said with an American accent when I approached him. I told him to pose for a picture and he gladly agreed. He put his arms around me and I felt that comfy feeling out of a teddy bear. He was so cute!

Then, it was time to leave. With a fulfilled heart, I went down from the ship with a smile. And MV Doulos left me an unforgettable memory to relish forever. Dreams do come true. If you don't come to it, it finds you.


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