"O" at KCC

Yesterday, I went to the Koren Cultural Center  in The Fort to attend the concert screening of TVXQ's 2nd Concert Tour: "O". Even though I don't understand Korean, I enjoyed the music and I was entertained as only TVXQ can! The event lasted for two hours but it passed by so fast. We wanted more! :) 

Here are some photos from the event. The venue was dark so sorry for the grainy photos. :( 

The Cassies were enjoying the show:
This is my favorite part! TVXQ anime chibis! :)

 Is that Jaejoong? Hmmm... I think so...
Of course! The event is not complete without a group picture! I am happy to have spent quality time with my fellow Cassies! See you all on Sept. 17. (Hope to get my CassPH Card then. :P) 
Photo courtesy of Erika Paulino of Cassiopeia Philippines.


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