Marble Wonderland is All About Kawaii

Marble Wonderland is an event by Asia Kawaii Way to promote the Japanese kawaii culture. The show features fashion, cosplay, and lifestyle. It was shown Akihabara, Shibuya, and in various districts in Japan. Internationally, it was previously shown in Indonesia and Singapore. Now, it was finally here in the Philippines. 

It was held on the night of January 17, 2014 at Movie Stars Cafe. The atmosphere was electrifying as cosplayers, otakus, and fans of Japanese culture buzzed with excitement in anticipation of the show.

Posters filled Movie Stars Cafe
The stage was filled with brilliant lights and the props help promote the ideal of cuteness/kawaii.

The Marble Wonderland stage is full of brilliant lights!
Attendees were treated to a packed dinner and unlimited round of drinks from Movie Stars Cafe. I gotta say that the dinner provided was good. The chopsuey at the upper right of the lunch box had baby potatoes. There was chicken on the upper left and Seafood Paella on the bottom. I had orange juice to go with this. Yum! 

Food from Movie Stars Cafe

Chicken, Chopsuey, and Paella

At around 7PM, a story book was opened on stage to invite everyone on a adventure in the kawaii wonderland...

What is Kawaii?

The show was then started with a very energetic dance performance from Miume and 217! It was perfect! 

Look it's a dragon!

Then Miume and 217 appeared on stage...

...and what a powerful performance it was!
Then, Alodia Gosiengfiao came on stage and she received the loudest cheers from the audience. Just goes to show how popular she is in the Philippines.

Alodia on stage

The performers strike a pose at the end of the dance number
The show was hosted by Animax Ani-mate Rhianna Floresca. She joined Alodia, Miume, and 217 on stage as she explained about the Marble Wonderland Event, Asia Kawaii Way, and the cute products that would help make anybody kawaii: like the Face Mask, Nailista nail stickers, Dolly Wink Lashes, Prisila wigs, Coco contact lenses, and so much more. These will be available in the online store Now every Filipina girl can be kawaii!

Rhianna Floresca with Miume, Alodia, and 217

Rhianna and Alodia explaining about Marble Wonderland
The first part was the contest for Alodia’s Sister. Each of the eight contestants showcased their unique talents to the audience. Some sang, danced, and acted on stage. And they all answered Alodia’s question, “What is kawaii for you?”

Though Alodia was helping host the event, she was not the only cosplay superstar in attendance that night.Three well-known Filipina cosplayers charmed the audience on stage for the cosplay portion of Marble Wonderland. Kristell Lim, Jia Gold Bustamante, and Michelle Echavez showed everybody how kawaii cosplay is. 

Kristell Lim

Jia Gold Bustamante

Michelle Echavez
PBB Winner and TV actress Myrtle Sarrosa, wearing a cute pirate-inspired costume, sang on stage. It’s the first time I saw Myrtle in person and she exuded such an adorable aura.

Myrtle on stage
And the anticipated part of the show, the ultimate dance number of Miume and 217, was up next! I have a short one-minute fan cam for that! Those two are awesome. They owned the stage with this performance and everybody applauded them!

Alodia sang the Kawaii Girl song as the finale of the show. She was accompanied by cute dancers. The audience sang with her with the lines, “Kawaii Girl”. 

Alodia singing the Kawaii Girl song
Then everybody went on stage for the announcement of the Alodia’s Sister winner! My bet, Rachelle Redecio, won the contest! Yay! Hagane no Renkinjutsushi is my favorite anime of all time. She was able to capture my heart by singing one of its soundtracks. 

Rachelle won as Alodia's Sister! 
It was a beautiful sight to see.. the faces of happy kawaii girls on stage! They put meaning to the word, “Kawaii”. 

Everybody is happy! (^_^)
Do you now have an idea of what ‘kawaii’ is? Let me answer Alodia’s question: “What is kawaii for you?”

For me, being kawaii is about discovering the beauty in you. And when you do, inspire others to bring out their kawaii-ness as well. 

Congratulations to Asia Kawaii Way, Movie Stars Cafe, and Cosplay Network Philippines for this successful event. Thank you for inviting me over. Experiencing Japanese kawaii culture first hand was an unforgettable experience. 

Now it’s time to be kawaii! Check out more cute items here.

Now it's time to be kawaii!


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