[Review] Lori

Bono Artisanal Gelato also has a sundae line. One of the most popular orders I heard while on queue is the Lori sundae. I was not sure whether I should try it, as the sundae line is more expensive that the gelato scoops. But out of curiosity, I tried it to understand why it is in demand. 

Lori, one scoop PhP180
It looks especially delicious, with the adorable dollops of ice cream, colorful toppings, and a large crunch of wafer. 

As I sat on the table contemplating this wonderful piece of art, I saw a little poster nearby which talked about Lori. This yummy sundae is named after the food writer Lori Baltazar of http://dessertcomesfirst.com/, in a very special collaboration with Bono Artisanal Gelato. Now that is very interesting to know. 

The Lori sundae is made up of Dulce de Leche with flambĂ©ed bananas gelato, topped with chocolate syrup, peanut brittle, and a round waffle if you order in a cup. (^_^) 

A closer look at The Lori.
The sundae is not too sweet. The Dulce de Leche is not too overpowering. The bananas are in little chunks and true enough, they still possess that fine wine aftertaste. The chocolate syrup complements the dish by adding sweetness. Lastly, the peanut brittle adds texture to the velvety smooth gelato. 

Eating one is a precursor to inspiration. Why else would I be writing about it now? Hehehe~ It is very yummy! It keeps you coming back for more. (^_^)

You know what was overwhelming in the cup? The icy coolness of the gelato. Brrr…. make sure you pair this up with water. The coldness might irritate the throat after some time. 

All in all, I would give it 2 thumbs up for it's delicious flavor and 5 stars for helping inspire me in writing a blog post. Writers don't have to worry when we have such delicious sundaes to clear our writer's block.


Nate said…
Great cosplay coverage. Just a question, were you there in Best of Anime 2013? Because that was the first cosplay event that I've attended, just saying... (though I'm not a cosplayer...)
Nate said…
Wow, that looked like a great event. I was there during Day 1, but for a really short time. Great coverage. Maybe this year's, I'd attend, should I have nothing to do by then.
Angel Mariel said…
Hi Nate! I was not able to go to the 2013 Best of Anime. I still feel sad that I missed it. I know it was a great event, too! (^_^)
Nate said…
Oh I see. I was there, great event, although rainy. Nice cosplay coverages, I might probably see you in a cosplay event in the future.

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