Animax Carnival 2015

Come one, come all!  

Animax Carnival in the Philippines

Animax Carnival was held in the Philippines last 30th and 31st of May. I went only on the second day as my schedule permitted. I know it’s been more than a week since but it was really unforgettable. This event had me going because of the freebies and unique booth activities. It wouldn’t feel right to miss sharing an event as great as this with you, guys.

The event was held in SMX Convention Center Hall 4. Upon entering, I was greeted with a vibrant blue entrance gate and the marshals gave me a lanyard with an activity passport. I was like, “Woah… a real lanyard?” It’s the first time I was given such a solid item in all events I have gone to.

The Animax stage was very prominent inside Hall 4. Rhianna Floresca and Eri Neeman hosted the show. Hanging posters of the Animax mascot, oo-Kun, was all over the place. oo-Kun balloons were all around, too. It seemed everybody has taken a liking to it, including me. 

The stage area

The hosts Rhianna Floresca and Eri Neeman

Inside the Hall were activity booths and games. It’s like being in a real carnival, sans the rides. I was informed by the marshall that if I get at least five stamps on my passport, I could get a freebie. Wheee~ My strategy was to visit the easiest ones first. There were long queues on the games so I went to the sponsor booths, instead.

My first stop was the Embassy of Japan kiosk where I get to see my name written in Katakana by a pure Japanese. Her handwriting is clearly better than mine. (^_^) 

That's how you write "Angel Mariel"

I also tried making the paper crane for a pick-a-prize. Man! I never felt so determined in my life. Hahaha~ Making it was hard but after a few reworks… Viola! My paper crane and my prize, an Ikebana calendar.

My paper crane won me an Ikebana calendar

Some attendees hung their names with wishes on the dedication stand as though it was Tachibana. Others hung their paper cranes on the Sakura tree. 

The dedication wall

The Cherry Blossom tree with paper cranes

Other booths were fascinating, just like the Fairy Tail booth where the tarp floor print had a 3D perspective when taken with a smartphone. Of course, I just gotta have mine…

That's me and I think I'm falling! (^_^)

Going around to collect stamps, I also took photos of the booths that I visited…

The Die Cast plane of ANA. They had a photo booth, too.

Look at all the Pokemon stuff at the booth!

Animax also sold oo-Kun items on site. So cute! I wanted the huge bedroom slippers but it was too expensive (T_T). I settled for a cute canvas bag to put all my freebies. I purchased a screen wiper, too. And… I got two free lanyards again! Yay! 

Cute oo-Kun items (^_^)

And it’s not just the booths, the cosplayers had their turn with my camera, as well. How could I forget them? (^_^) 

Cosplayer Angel

Cosplayer Reeve

Cosplayer Mary Grace

Cosplayer Kae Ong

Cosplayer Kumagawa Israel-kun

But of course! It was the appearance of Alodia Gosiengfiao that got the crowd screaming! Luckily I placed myself at the front row. Unfortunately, I almost got squished. Hehehe

She sang ‘Kawaii Girl’. I first heard her sing this song last Marble Wonderland event. It’s nice to hear it again. Alodia is so cute. And look! I got a short video clip of her performance. Sorry guys, my camera can’t zoom in. 

Oh~ After Alodia’s performance, the host, Eri, called for brave souls to participate in a game. Yep, my friend Reeve got me to volunteer. It was a drinking Royal softdrink contest. I hope I get to see photos of it from photographers. I wanted that photo with Rhianna and Eri, please! We won cans of Royal softdrinks and Jollibee GC’s. Sweet!

Royal Prizes!

Then, I called it a day. I like how the event is very organized and smooth. Well, to a con-goer like me, nothing went wrong in plain sight. The hosts were very energetic and they owned the stage. There were no lack of marshals and they were very accommodating to us at the booths.

No anime convention in my recent memory had I noticed myself going home with a bag loaded with goodies! Only Animax Carnival did it. I felt so happy and blessed. Animax Daisuki!

My Animax Carnival loot.


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