Going Upside Down

Sometimes, a change in perspective is what we need, like literally. The Upside Down Museum exactly does that. Last weekend, we visited the place for something new to experience this summer!

The facade of the Upside Down Museum

So, can I flood you with images? This place is for the visual experience, after all. Not everything was upside down. There were giant and anti-gravity illusions, too. Full of optical pieces,  you can’t help but snap some pics yourself! So, here goes…

This can be upside down or just normal

Oh~ I just gotta have the spaghetti!

So this is how a lizard feels like...

Now, what would happen if there are huge objects everywhere?

Waaa~ Please don't step on me!

From the giant carton of milk~~

The best part for me was the house setup. It's amazing how it can stir your imagination that some things can happen, too. 

Welcome to the patio

Studying well despite the lack of gravity

My dream Hello Kitty bedroom

Have a cup of tea and donuts, on us

Scrub the floor and do the laundry well, my dears. Haha~

Raiding the kitchen

The master's bedroom is crazy place!

Putting all effort to get in the car...
There were unbelievable illusions, you would even question reality from your eyes...

Falling for real?

I never thought that I could be a part of art, too. My group enjoyed the place. The staff were friendly and they gladly took photos of us. They would suggest the best poses, too... just like this running man shot:

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Aaaand, my most favorite part is the food! There's a cafe inside and a stall that sells ice cream and cotton candy! Wheeee~~

Even the ice cream is a piece of art!

Beautiful blend of colors for this cotton candy
They say that museums are places where you get inspired to do more art. Yep, that is true for this one, too. Art is such a wonderful thing!  The Upside Down Museum is located in Pasay City, Philippines. Tickets were at PhP 450.


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