Hershey: My Micro-Fiction Entry for 8Letters LitFest!

Hi dearies! It's a writing spree for us now, isn't it? After Artizia, here comes my next literary journey...

Join us in the 8Letters LitFest this month. Come and read various written pieces from writers and authors. I, for one, decided to also join in the festivities and write a micro-fiction. It was a challenging feat for me... to be able to write something extraordinary out of a few limited words. 

Aaaand... I'm glad it got chosen as one of the top 20 entries in that category. I took the inspiration from our pet dog, whose name is embodied in the title. 

Click the link below and leave a Facebook reaction or comment. Lemme know what you think! 

I hope to see you in the event, guys! It starts on August 5. There will be more books and stories and poems and micro-fictions there! 


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