Elf of the Eternal Glades [An Excerpt]

Have you read Merman of the Undersea? Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback I have received from it. 😍🧜‍♂️🙌

I am full of gratitude for all the support and I am very much encouraged to continue on with the series. Yep, that's right! The Ealirenm Series will have a Part Two! This is about a new world in the land of Ealirenm. This time, our protagonist is the High Elf, Kailah. 

Elf of the Eternal Glades 

[ISBN 978-621-96573-2-7 (epub); 978-621-96573-3-4 (mobi/Kindle)]

Elf of the Eternal Glades eBook cover

Here is the blurb:

Kailah is one of the Elven Hosts’ best scouts. Excellent and gifted in every hunt and search mission. But she has one secret: a prohibited relationship with her race’s sworn enemy. Beholden to an ancient curse, they are forbidden from ever touching each other. Until she finds a shapeshifter, who gives her a way to make it work. What would she be willing to give to be with her true love? Would she betray her people for this chance? 

Get to know her more in this excerpt:


“I’ll have your neck if this won’t work!” A delicate female voice whispered in the dark, tone stern with threats unspoken. 

“Trust me, Kailah! It will! My source guaranteed it. They are proficient in the magical arts,” a serene low voice replied. 

“Hmm, we shall see,” she retorted, holding the vial in her hands. She twirled it, letting its purple content swirl in a slow viscous manner. 

“Maybe so… but those people are best at curses and rebellious magic.” 

“Elves stamp their deeds with their names. Tell me yours.” Kailah put the vial in the inside pocket of her velvet vest. 

“I’m known as Nightshade.”

“Huh, you expect me to trust the name of a poison? On a shapeshifter?” 

“You have to.” Nightshade looked at Kailah intensely, memorizing her features.  In this darkness, she didn’t bother hiding her fierce face and golden eyes. Her long silver hair was tied in a braid. Her strong personality was a contrast to her feminine tone and lithe physique. “See you in a few hours. Honor this deal.” He turned his back and moved to the shadows. 

Kailah sighed, looking beyond her shoulder. She also turned and readied her arms and legs. She propelled herself at the tree branches, heading for the way home. 

She moved stealthily. The spires of her homeland were breaking into the night horizon, but she felt her necklace vibrate. A heartbeat later, she pivoted her feet to the eastern direction, forgetting the call of home. 

Kailah ran and jumped along the branches, her steps noiseless and calm; but her heart was pounding. She searched for the thickest spruce tree and climbed at the top center, a few feet below its tip.

“Kailah!” A deep voice came from the other side. 


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