Limitless: The 2012 Belle de Jour Fair

I anticipated the coming of October 14, 2012 as it was the date of the 2012 Belle de Jour Fair. There were previous posts that I wrote about how excited I was to see the latest versions of the planner line of Viviamo, Inc. and about the activities to look forward to on the day itself. Truth be told, the event surpassed my expectations! Now, I am still having post-fair blues. 

Me at the Belle de Jour Fair
This year's Belle de Jour Fair was held at SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. This year's theme is Limitless! The event was also the launching of the 2013 Belle de Jour Power Planner, Navi, Forget-Me-Not notebooks, and the newest Everything is Possible Planner. Other than planners, I also witnessed the launch of the latest service of Viviamo, Inc.: the BDJ Box. 

Planners of Viviamo Inc. on sale at 20% off.

I bought the matte covered planner for only P480 at the fair! 
Lots of booths from various sponsors were there to hold activities where prizes could be won. Entrance is free but a donation of P100 earned me the VIP Pass which allowed access to special booths and seminars.

The Charity Pass.

The special booths that came with it. 
Upon entering the fair grounds, I joined in the various booths right away. The first one that I visited was the Black Beauty booth where I won a Silk Conditioner. 
Prizes at the Black Beauty booth.

The next one that I visited is the hairstyling booth of Azta Urban Salon. I saw my fellow-Bella Michelle eagerly registering on this booth. Together, we patiently waited for our turn. We even missed the scavenger hunt that we originally intended to join. 
The booth of Azta Urban Salon.
 I was very excited when it was my turn! The stylist asked the kind of hairstyle that I wanted. I told him that I want curly hair! He was very adept with his skills that he finished quickly and with great results! I think the time it took for him to fix my hair was more or less 10 minutes.

The Azta Urban Salon Stylist fixing my hair.
I really love Belle de Jour! They always make it an effort to make every Bella beautiful! During last year's fair themed Take Flight, I had my makeup done courtesy of Etude House. This year, I had my hair done! 

Tadah! Look at my hair! The stylist did a good job! I was very happy with it that it made me all the more eager to take pictures.

Me with the stylist of Azta Urban Salon.
Here are some of the booths that I took photos of. Some gave out product samples and others had photobooths and raffles. I wanted to join the bungee jumping and wall climbing booths but the queue was longer than what my patience could bear. It just proves that a lot of people purchased the VIP Pass too, and I am happy with that.

Do you dare climb this?
There was also the 2013 Commitment Wall where Bellas were free to write almost anything. Some kept it true to the word "commitment", while others (like me!) wrote about how they feel with the event.

Bellas writing on the Commitment Wall.

I expressed about how I love BDJ! 
With my VIP Pass, I was able to enter the Beauty Bootcamp seminar with speakers Georgina Wilson and Erica Paredes. With my new found love for makeup, I just couldn't miss this one! Our host was Ms. Kat Dy and she was very enthusiastic to see us Bellas! There was also a raffle segment within the talk. And yay! Ms. Kat Dy picked my name as the winner of a Bauhaus gift pack! 

Ms. Kat Dy picking a name in the fish bowl.

My prize from Bauhaus! :) 
The first speaker was Georgina Wilson. She shared to us about skin care tips and how to avoid or treat breakouts. I was star struck by her presence that it was hard for me to concentrate on what she was talking. She was like a living Barbie doll.

Georgina Wilson sharing skin care tips.
The next topic was about makeup and it was expertly delivered by Ms. Erica Paredes. She shared her experience with makeup. She talked about the basics: applying foundation, eyeshadows, eyeliners, blush color, lipstick... the works! I remember three tips for better makeup application:

1.) Use a primer for a more polished look.

2.) Lipliner is there to hold the lipstick color longer. Erica gave us a tip of putting lipliner all over the lips then apply lipstick over it. She told us that it will make lipstick last even when eating. 
3.) Lastly, she told us to experiment and find out what color or product works best for us.

Beauty expert Ms. Erica Paredes 
With that, Erica started the launch of the BDJ Box by showing us a short video about it. Unfortunately, the venue was too sunlit that it was not visible on the projector screen. But here is a picture of a tarpaulin nearby which gave a summary of what BDJ Box was all about:

What is the BDJ Box?
 The place attracted a lot of people and the crowd further grew upon twilight. I took this photo before I went home:
The festive BDJ fair! 
I couldn't believe my loot when I got home! There were snacks from Chippy, C2, and Kitkat. A free magazine from Metro and Cosmopolitan were included in the goodie bag. Product samples were also given! No wonder it was so heavy!

My BDJ 2013 planner with my BDJ fair loot!

The prize that I won from the raffle. Thanks, Bauhaus.
This year's BDJ Fair stayed true to the theme! Belle de Jour has always been a blessing to me! The challenging activities, inspiring talks, and promising products make me believe about being Limitless


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