Day Two of the 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention

I only had the chance to go to the second day of the 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention. I didn't want to miss it because I remember how fun it was at last year's epic PCC. This 2013, it was a little laid back. That... or maybe because I attended day two. More attendees and cosplayers usually flock on the day where the individual cosplay competition will be held (for 6th PCC: it was day one apparently).

Nevertheless, I still took photos of the event and this time, I was attentive enough to what was happening on stage. 
The 6th PCC stage.

Our hosts for the event.

Guy Singson had a short talk on stage.
I didn't miss this awesome performance by the Adventure Team:

The Adventure Team on stage.

The Adventure Team with our hosts. 

Even if I was not joining the official catwalk, the organizers of the event had this registration for all non-competing cosplayers. I like this because cosplayers who are present in the event will also have the chance to be recognized. The winners will be awarded Best Male and Female Hall Cosplayer and the prize were tickets to the premier screening of G.I. Joe Retaliation! 

I went as Rei Ayanami of Neon Genesis Evangelion... and I was hall cosplayer number 141.

My number.

Me  (on the left) with a cute cosplayer. 
 I roamed around and took photos of these gorgeous cosplayers who attended the event. I have decided to take some angle shots instead of the usual full body shots. This is the first time that I did this, so I apologize if it is not good yet. 

I love these guys cosplaying as characters from Rooftop Prince. AH~ Yoochun!

Like~ Vegeta is my favorite character in the Dragon Ball series, ever!

And... my favorite cosplayer of the day is.... this girl (sorry guys, I tried to find out her name but I failed) as Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Her poses and her costume was so like Toph. She was the perfect definition of the phrase: 'in-character'. 

Well, that's it for the 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention. I don't know what was lacking. Was it the activities and games? Or the number of attendees? Whatever it is, this year's PCC didn't have the vibe and didn't live up to last year's.


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