Excited for OZ The Great and Powerful

Another blessing has come my way! This time, it's in the form of an exclusive movie screening brought by Nuffnang Philippines, Nokia, and Abenson. I joined a contest last February about Nokia Lumia and I won! 

I have read the synopsis of this movie and it is far from my expected Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz version. Let's see how this movie will fare. I'm so excited!


Sarah Bucu said…
Hello Mariel ! I was one of the bloggers who also got free movie tickets for the said event. I was lucky enough to meet Cym , a BC Bloggers member and the other faces were also familiar it is just that I did not have the guts to introduce myself and had some chit chat before the movie started.

I hope one day we get the chance to meet again. Btw, It is so cool to be( is that the right verb to use? ) a cosplay. Despite my age I might tempted to be dress up one day.
Angel Mariel said…
Hi Sarah! Thanks for dropping by! I'm sure we will meet again in future Nuffnang events! :) When that time comes, for sure we will have some chit chat time :)

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