Great Memories at Fantasy Quest 3: Live On!

On August 25, 2013, the third year of Fantasy Quest was held on Fernwood Gardens. It was my first time to attend and I have raves about it! The venue provided good backgrounds for photos. The event program was simple but it provided the opportunity for cosplayers to interact with each other.

The place, Fernwood Gardens

My FQ3 ticket :)
I was so happy to see renowned cosplayers, from both the international and local scene, gracing this event! Popular Filipino cosplayer Zhel and Japanese cosplayer Usagi were the official guests. They walked on stage and showcased their beautiful costumes! 

Zhell on stage! 

It's Usagi! :) 
We also had a signing and photo op session with them! Sweet! And cosplayers lined themselves up peacefully! That is also one of the things I love about Fantasy Quest. It wasn't crowded unlike mall events. 

It's blurry but I have a selfie with Zhel! Yippee! 

A rare moment capture in time! Me and Usagi! :) 

Yay! They gave me their coscards, too! :) 
After the guest interaction, the cosplay catwalk was next! But the Fantasy Quest stage is different from other events! There was no competition. You are free to walk and to show the audience your awesome costume.  For the first time, I felt accepted and free to cosplay! 

I gotta admire the stage! It starts off at the top of the elegant staircase then you get to walk on a red carpet! Plus, they put in that fog effect which added drama to the scene! It is the best and most beautiful stage I have walked on! I'm so happy to have found one photo of me, courtesy of Vester Piedad

Me on stage! Photo by Vester Piedad
So let's move on to my photos of cosplayers! It was a cloudy day and it gave a beautiful dreamy effect! I like the fact that I was able to take shots of people with a good background! It was surreal! 

Cosplayer Ryuga Houoji

Cosplayers Reverie Metherlance and Phillipp Kun

Cosplayer Nana Aoi

Cosplayer Yuuki Seishiro

International cosplayer guest Hime Shinra from Jakarta 

Cosplayer Gia Gold Bustamante

International Cosplayer guest Alan Chen from Singapore

International cosplayer guest Arthur Robberecht from Jakarta

Cosplayer Ken Lim as Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin

Cosplayer Mayden Kae Ong

Cosplayer Gaby Ortega

Cosplayer James Paolo Angeles as Roy Mustang

Cosplayer Shun Rakanis as Grey Knight Space Marine (Warhammer 40k)

Since FQ3 didn't promote a competitive environment, I will not choose a favorite cosplayer. For this post, I have decided to have my favorite photo of the day. And it is... 

Me with Jin Joson. :) 
Me with Jin Joson... She is one of my cosplay inspirations! I admire her and her skill to portray both male and female characters. Finally, I have met her in person! I was always on the look out for her in the cosplay events that I have attended in the past. But I never got the chance to see her. Now, FQ3 is special to me more than ever! Meeting Jin is a dream come true for me! 

I love how this event made me feel! No competition, just support and interaction! Fantasy Quest 3 is the best cosplay event that I have attended in my experience as a cosplayer! And I shout out with a big "YES!" for another Fantasy Quest next year! 


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