Gluta-C Haul from Sample Room

My third set of samples include products from Gluta-C! Sample Room offered full-sized bottles for this! Yay! So I happily used my SR points to get them! The package was cute and I felt giddy upon opening it! It was like getting a surprise... though I already know what's inside! Hihihi~

My Gluta-C samples from Sample Room.
It is my first time to order Body Care samples. My previous hauls were mostly on facial care and fragrance. This time around, the products that I chose were the Body Scrub and Body Lotion. I was arguing with myself whether I should get the soap, too. But I ran out of points! So I got these two instead.

Gluta-C Body Scrub (40 SR points)

Gluta-C Body Lotion (45 SR Points)
I will start right away in using these samples! Glutathione, I know, is effective when taken internally in capsule form. But will it be just as effective when applied topically on the skin? Let's find out, shall we?


Kish Ocampo said…
I'm getting both products too! :))

Angel Mariel said…
Hi Kish! That's great! I started using them and so far I'm impressed with the results :)

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