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Watching movies is my form of relaxation after a week of hard work.But I don't want just any movie. I'm picky when it comes to the kind of films that I watch. It should be informative, analytical, fun, engrossing, and entertaining at the same time. Popularity of the actors also helps but I'm more on the plot side.

So... what if I star in my very own movie? Would it be the kind that I would like to watch? Hmmm... Let's see now. In that reel world, I would be a treasure hunter, like my favorite character Tomb Raider Lara Croft! Just like her, I would use guns and high tech gadgets! 

Lara Croft
However, just to keep things different from her, my weapon of choice would be a katana (ninja long sword). With that, my expertise would be in ninja moves and crafts. In short, I would be a ninja tomb raider! But my character is not at all perfect. I would be the best in thinking and deducing information and fighting with intellect and words. But my weakness would be fighting physically and using other weapons aside from the sword. Well, my favorite ninja is cute and bubbly Sakura Haruno of Naruto! My character could be like that... cute yet lethal! Now how do I get writers for this? Heehee~ So that's it... my name in this movie would be Sakura!

Sakura Haruno
My lead male character would be a traditional ninja dressed in black! He would be the serious and drop dead gorgeous type. He would complement Sakura's weaknesses to weapons. He would be the skilled one when it comes to all kinds of weapons: sword, nunchucks, shuriken... you name it! The character that comes to my mind? Just like Raizo of Ninja Assassin... Of course, his name in my movie would still be Raizo!

Raizo of Ninja Assassin.
Our nemesis would also be a ninja specializing in dark crafts. He works for an international mafia and black market of rare and precious treasures. I give him the name Arashi and his character would be similar to Storm Shadow of GI Joe:

Storm Shadow of GI Joe
Here is the plot:

Sakura and Raizo were exploring one of the Pyramids of Giza. The smell of humid old rocks filled the air to the point of suffocation. They entered a chamber at the lowest basement and at the center they found a scroll. The old piece of parchment had writings of ancient hieroglyphics. Sakura opened it and it revealed the secret recipe for a medicine that can cure all diseases. A formulation concocted by alchemists and healers thousands of years ago. It was the secret to long life and eternal beauty! 

Finally! Humanity can live life to the full without having to worry about sickness! With this hope in mind, Sakura and Raizo set on a journey right away to find each ingredient as written on the parchment! However, the method of mixing them was written in a different form of hieroglyphs that was way beyond Sakura's knowledge. So aside from the recipe, they needed to find a person that could decipher the ancient symbols for their goal to succeed!

Sakura and Raizo would travel the ancient and modern places the world: the Aztec pyramids, Easter Island, Japanese temples, scary castles in Transylvania, and more!

Of course, the cunning Arashi found out about our heroes' treasure and his corrupt bosses sent him out to steal it! In this part, we are being treated to an endless chase and show of gadgetry. There would be a show of skills and cool fighting scenes between Raizo and Arashi. 

Ah well~ that is how the plot would go. As for the ending, I leave it as a mystery to be seen only in the movies! LOL! I think I will like this movie that I will star in! Double LOL! And when I do, I will watch it with a yummy popcorn in hand to make it more enjoyable!

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Watching movies is incomplete without popcorn! Kettle Korn is the perfect movie buddy! The aroma alone is enough for you to crave! And on each every bite pops crispiness and a burst of flavor! Not only do you get to enjoy the movie, you also enjoy Kettle Korn because it's just poppin' fun all the time!


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