The Cadbury Creamy Chocolate Fountain

Whenever I feel sad, I just eat chocolate and then I feel great! Just like that, it's magic! So at this time of my life, where I am faced with a challenge which gives me a lot of negative energies, I decided to combat it with chocolate big enough for it! 

And that is where the Cadbury Creamy Chocolate Fountain comes in! I really took the effort to go to SM Megamall to experience it! When I saw the brown liquid moving in the huge fountain, my sadness was immediately replaced by enthusiasm! Chocolates! Chocolates everywhere! I feel like Charlie visiting Willy Wonka's factory! I became a child without a care in the world! Goodbye problems!

The Cadbury Creamy Chocolate Fountain
In order to go into the heart of the chocolate fountain, I purchased this 65 gram Cadbury bar worth PhP59.75. The SA told me that it was enough for me to go in. But first stop was a photobooth souvenir. Afterwards, I was led into a milky entrance! 

Milk milk milky entrance!
And on the sides were little posts telling you what you are heading for...

Yep! You're heading to a chocolate fountain!
At the sides are flowing chocolate which reminds me of when Charlie and other kids were on the boat touring inside Wonka's Chocolate Factory! 

Ooohhh.... oozing chocolate goodness!
On the center is a musical organ made up of Cadbury bars (well, not really! LOL!). 

The chocolate organ-like setup! :)
They are more than just Cadbury bars! They make sounds!
Plus, these bars, play in music, too! From classical bamboo organ sounds to beatbox and hip hop music! Wow! The creamy chocolate towers move with the music too! Don't forget to look at them after you press the Cadbury bars! Just follow the instructions, and you're on your way to being a DJ! Well, a chocolate DJ! 

Follow the instructions and make your music!
Don't forget to look up and see them move to the music!
Ah~ The kid in me explored the chocolate fountain and played music. But in my mind, I really wanted to swim in the chocolate goodness and let all negativity be drowned by the sweetness! I went there thinking it was just a plain chocolate fountain display! I never thought it would be a musical chocolate fountain! Now that doubles the happiness! 

See the Cadbury Creamy Chocolate Fountain in SM Megamall until August 5, 2013! You will be craving for chocolate afterwards! :)


Lov.e Chloe said…
Wow! Seems like you had heaps of fun!! The pictures are making me hungry haha xD! Great post :3
Angel Mariel said…
Hi Chloe! Yep! Chocolates make me happy! :) I'm sure it does for you, as well. :)

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