Two Years of Cosplay

Time flies by faster if you're having fun. Before I realize it, November 27, 2013 has passed by quickly. Two years ago, I started on a hobby that opened my mind to a whole new world where fantasy and reality collide. 

The time I spent in cosplay has given me a wealth of experience. The first year was about discovering cosplay and finding out how to do it. The second year… well, I’m still learning… and most of all, it is learning more about the character. 

Year one: discovering cosplay. Photo by
For my second year, I was all about Rei Ayanami (Evangelion) and Xion (Kingdom Hearts). Rei is a very complex character as I’ve mentioned before. In reality, my personality matches Rei, but ironically I have had the hardest time trying to portray her. Projecting a distant and serious pose is harder on camera, and most especially on stage. 

Year two: Angel Mariel as Rei. Doesn't mean you can cosplay a character easily even if you have the same personality.
Xion is probably the character that I spent the most time studying. I don’t own a DS so I was relying on Wikipedia and YouTube to find out more about her. My friend Reeve suggested this character to me. I learned from my Xion cosplay that you need to also choose a character that is close to the way you look. 

Year two: I didn't know her but I was able to be her. 
Of course, as a blogger, I made sure I took a lot of photos of cosplayers in every event that I attended. Because of that, I met a lot of wonderful people, my new friends, who make me happy whenever I see them cosplay. My connections also grew to know special persons who work behind the scenes in cosplay events. 

In celebration of my second year anniversary in cosplay, I attended the iCozplay Idol event yesterday (November 30, 2013). This event was made possible by iCozplay Philippines. The supporting group,  Naruto Cosplayers PH, was the same organization who was behind Pinoy Otaku Encore two years ago. It was the event in which I made my cosplay debut, so this group and the last week of November is very special to me. 

I don’t usually pose with cosplayers in pictures. Here in my blog, I want to give attention to them and not to me. But this time, since it’s my 2nd anniversary, I went out of character and took photos with them. Sorry some photos are blurry, I don't have steady hands. LOL! 

with Ferrari Lacson

with Emerson Lacson

with Florenz Sumalinog

with Dina F. Dulce

with Knievel Rosaroso

with Jamie No Fujiwara

with Rodeen as Zero 

with Manof Steel Superman (^_^)

with Deadpool (^_^)

with Reeve Felix Castillo
I’m truly grateful for the journey that everybody has followed me on. A big and heartfelt thank you to all who have supported this newbie cosplayer on her journey. Here’s to a wonderful anniversary and to many more anniversaries to come :D

A photo souvenir to commemorate my 2nd year cosplay anniv! (^_^)
And hmmm... I wonder what's for next year?

I'm now thinking.... LOL!


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David D'Angelo said…
Thanks for supporting Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) It was an honor for us to have you debut in our event. Actually marami nag debut ng cosplay nung PInoy Otaku Encore and it was really a great event. Hope to see you again and I am inviting you to join the Christmas COsplay Idol at SM City Baliwag on November 15.

By the way iCozplay Idol main organier was iCozplay Philippines, NCPH is a supporting organization :)
Angel Mariel said…
Hi Sir David! Salamat po for visiting my blog. :) I will edit my post and credit iCozplay Philippines, as well. :)

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