A Year of Cosplay

Today, November 27, 2012, marks my first anniversary of cosplaying! It feels that I just had my cosplay debut yesterday! Time sure flies when you're having fun!

Sakura Haruno was the character that I chose. I never thought that I would be portraying her for a year. However, my cosplay is still far from perfection. There are some things that only experience can teach us. 

Here is my cosplay journey in pictures...  

I would never forget the first event that I attended as a cosplayer: the 2011 Pinoy Otaku Encore. I went to this event not knowing where to start. Until people approached me for a photo. Then everything went on smoothly. See.. this is my first ever HD photo taken as a cosplayer. I am so grateful to GENESIS.ph for this! They caught me off guard!. I didn't even know how to pose so I just gave out the ever-popular peace sign. (^_^)v 

My first HD photo courtesy of GENESIS.ph
But on the next event, Otaku Expo 2012, I knew how to pose a little better... uh somewhat better...

Photo by GENESIS.ph

The third event that I went was held in Ateneo high school, themed eXeVisIon. Being a small event, it was the first time that I shared some bonding time with my fellow cosplayers and doing an outdoor photoshoot. Other than that, I also had my first ever cosplay catwalk there.

Sakura with Anbu cosplayers. :)
A photo right after my cosplay catwalk. Photo by GENESIS.ph
The 5th Philippine Cosplay Convention was a blast too! I like the venue as it was large enough to accommodate the crowd. By this time, I already gained a lot of cosplayer friends: Lot, Gaby, Maricor, Reeve,  John, as well as the members of the Cosplayers' Society!

Me with my friends from GENESIS.ph and Cosplayers's Society.
Ozine Fest 2012 was a bit downer for me. But because cosplay and my friends, it became worthwhile...

A selca with my friend Lot.
ToyCon 2012 still remains my favorite cosplay event of the year! Never had I enjoyed so much as I saw Kamikazee, various movie booths, and the toy exhibit!

...and I managed to ride one of Batman's high tech vehicles!

Oh No! Manga Cosplay Camp was a totally new experience to me! I attended the cosplay workshop and I got a few tips from the experts. I also got my first ever certificate of participation in cosplay! 

One of my favorite Sakura shots during Oh No! Manga Cosplay Camp
I almost did not make it to the Best of Anime 2012. But I'm glad that I changed my mind! I had my fiercest on stage photo taken in this event!

Me on stage. Photo by Inocent Sarmiento.
Cosplay Mania 2012 is the latest event that I attended prior to my cosplay anniversary. Who could forget celebrity cosplayer guests Kaname and Reika? And I had friends with me who chased them all the while....

Enjoying with my friends. Photo by Maricor.
I love this hobby! Going in depth with it has taught me that cosplaying is more than just donning costumes! You have to learn about makeup, photography, sewing, modeling, and acting. It is very diverse in the sense that it requires you to have a set of skills.  Cosplaying always poses a new challenge for me ---from people who don't understand to having the patience to endure crowds. 

I am still far from being an expert cosplayer. However, I do hope to gain more skills in this newfound hobby one event at a time! And oh... I plan to debut my next cosplay plan before 2012 ends...

A teaser of my next cosplay.
I also would like to thank you, my dear readers, for following my cosplay escapades here in my blog! :)


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