Have A Hello Kitty Christmas at SM North EDSA

It's Christmas again! This is the happiest and busiest season of the year! You get to have parties and gifts, while doing good to our neighbors at the same time. Do you have your wishlist ready? If not, check out what's in store in SM North EDSA! They are having cuteness overload with Hello Kitty! I bet you will write Hello Kitty stuff on your wishlist once you see this beloved feline.

An invitation for a Hello Kitty Christmas only at SM North EDSA.
Other than the Hello Kitty attractions you will see, SM North EDSA also sells Hello Kitty items  for the home. My fellow bloggers and I attended a short seminar about decorating the home for the holidays. It was held in the Interior Zone lobby. The guest speaker was Mr. Jie Pambid, Director of Philippine School for Interior Design. 

The stage for the seminar.
Themed as Holiday Decorating 101, Mr. Pambid talked about the basic do's and don'ts of beautifying our houses for the season.

Mr. Jie Pambid starts the talk.
This is my first time to have attended a seminar about interior designing. I'm glad that I was able to take it from an expert like Mr. Jie Pambid. He told us to decorated every room in our house. Yup, including the bathroom. It is the time of the year where people can go overboard with decors and get away with it. He suggested for us to invest in the Christmas tree, garlands, wreaths, and the traditional Filipino parol. The exterior and the foyer should contain minimal decors as they provide a teaser of what the interior is like. We should not neglect the hallways too, a simple garland on a wall could do the trick. The living room should have the grandiose decorations of all. 

As for the colors, he said to only have up to three colors. There are a lot of colors of Christmas: green, red, gold, silver, white, and even unconventional ones like black, violet, and copper. The decors of Christmas tree, such as balls and candies, should have the same colors as the room.  As for the Christmas lights, it would be better to have only a single color in either steady or fading motion. In a designer's point of view, it is not advisable to get a myriad of colors with fast blinking lights and matching music. 

After the talk, we had a short glimpse about Hello Kitty for the home as displayed in the Interior Zone lobby.

Hello Kitty in the Dining Room:

Embed Hello Kitty on your table.

A close up of the Hello Kitty decor. The glittering balls makes this festive.

Another suggestion for your dining room. Where's Hello Kitty?

There she is underneath the Christmas tree!
Hello Kitty in the Living Room and Bedroom:

Make your guests comfortable with the Hello Kitty cushion...

... and these cute Hello Kitty mugs..

I would sleep all day and night with these Hello Kitty stuff! 
We also had a tour at the Hello Kitty Christmas Village! The place was so crowded with kids and kids-at-heart. Hello Kitty is truly loved by all ages!

Top view of the Hello Kitty Christmas Village
Let's take a tour, shall we?

Want a bite at this cute cakeshop? 
Cute cakes from Breadtalk. Sorry, they're just for display.
Hello Kitty's Grandpa and Grandma.
Hello Kitty's Mama and Papa.

Mimi and Hello Kitty. :) 

A closer look at Mimi (yellow) and Hello Kitty (pink).
Of course, it was also time for us bloggers to enjoy this moment! :) Here is a group photo, courtesy of Ria of http://sugarsmile.blogspot.com/ 

The bloggers. Photo by Ria.
Just beside the Christmas Village are stalls of Hello Kitty items for sale:

Look at all these goodies! :)

Hello Kitty toys.

More Hello Kitty madness are in store at the second floor. It is the Luxe Collection exhibit which features items from Hello Kitty Collectors. I think I will turn into a huge cat myself after seeing all these collectibles! Ooh...

The collectors who shared these Hello Kitty items to us.

Hello Kitty Plushies.

Hello Kitty items.
 Here are some of the stuff I took photos up close:
I would love to sew my costumes with this!

I didn't know Hello Kitty had gadgets...

Wow! Hello Kitty earrings!

Hello Kitty vanity mirror in back and front view.

Food should taste better with this microwave!

Ah! Hello Kitty ceramic set! 

Glittery Swarovski iPad Cases.

Hello Kitty bags.
 I so love plushies! It is a given to me that I took more photos of Hello Kitty stuffed toys than anything else. Here they are!

This is the first time that I saw a tan-skinned Hello Kitty.

Cute cat with poodle!

Love it!

Reminds me of gothic lolita.

Oh! So luxurious!


So adorable cat and dog!

My sister will love this tiger-like Hello Kitty.

It's the Paris Hilton Hello Kitty.
I gasped as I saw the Edward Elric Hello Kitty! Full Metal Alchemist is my favorite anime! I didn't miss this little stuffed toy amidst the bigger ones! 

Edward Elric Hello Kitty plushie.
But the biggest plushie of all is at the center! The huge Hello Kitty doll attracts the attention of everybody!Good luck in getting a solo shot with this darling...

The giant Hello Kitty plushie!

I managed to have shot with this baby!
If cute has another word, it would be Hello Kitty. Earlier before the seminar, I managed to catch a glimpse of the Meet and Greet Hello Kitty event at the stage of the Christmas Village. Our beloved cat danced to a Japanese song! 

Hello Kitty on stage!
If you want to see Hello Kitty and have a photo with her, check out the poster below for schedules and other activities! Just click it to view a bigger size...

Hello Kitty wants to meet you too in SM North EDSA! Like I said, it would be hard not to fall in love with this cute feline! Now, where is that wishlist...


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