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What would you do if a man from the past (like literally!) suddenly comes out of nowhere... stalks you... then does the unthinkable thing: he kidnaps you and takes you to his own time? Now that has been a question that have been lingering in my head for sometime. Whenever I watch dramas or movies, I see to it that I put myself in the character's shoes.  I have been watching the latest Korean Drama by Lee Min Ho entitled Faith (aka Great Doctor). After his recent visit here in Manila, I have been having post event hang-overs. So I have decided to watch Faith in order to satisfy my fangirliness.  

The official poster of Faith. Photo taken from
I am not really into historical dramas. The plots in this kind are mostly serious and heavy. The scripts are also politically inclined and filled with metaphors, allusions, and allegories. It requires you to analyze and read between the lines --something that I am not good at. If done in movies, it is acceptable to me. You need to analyze an hour or two. But for dramas with 20 or more episodes? Headache, I tell you! Headache!

But Faith is an exception. Yup! I just watched this because of Lee Min Ho. However, beyond seeing his handsome face in every episode, I still listen and analyze the plot. It comes naturally to me as I review movies and books

Faith is a fictional story dated in the Goryeo era. Due to an assault, the queen got injured and she couldn't be cured by any doctor of their time. So, our warrior, General Choi Young, went  in to a time portal and met the doctor, Eun Soo of the 21st century. He kidnapped her, took her in to his time, and forced her to cure the queen. That is where the story begins.

I am still in the fifth episode. So far, the plot is fast, witty, and funny. Of course, political lines are present which makes it hard to understand the story. I guess I'm not good at politics. Plus, some of the characters have special abilities: they control fire, lightning, ice, etc. I like that!

The lead female, Yoo Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun) is very noisy and loud. I think she is the 'great doctor' as tagged in the title. When she speaks, she utters out a lot of scientific technicalities! Talk about too much information! I am wondering how she will survive the ancient lifestyle. 

Kim Hee Sun as Yoo Eun Soo. Photo taken from
Now for the lead male, Choi Young (played by Lee Min Ho) is a serious but reluctant warrior. He is bound by a promise to serve the king. But nevertheless, he still does his missions with dedication. He has the power to conjure lightning from his body. Need I say he is my favorite character? 

Lee Min Ho as Choi Young. Photo taken from
Well, I also have favorite characters from the villains side. Cheon Eum Ja (played by Sung Hoon) can kill anything, humans and animals, with the sound of his flute. He looks good with white hair and ancient clothes. His character reminds me of Amiboshi, a character that I love from the anime Curious Play.

Sung Hoon as Cheon Eum Ja. 
I also like a female villain character that has the ability to conjure fire! Her name is Hwa Soo In (played by Shin Eun Jung). Her character is fierce and her clothes matches it up! Flaming Red! I like fire types... from Pokemon to Fire-Bending Zuko. 

Shin Eun Jung as Hwa Soo In. Photo taken from
So with that, I guess I would be out for a while to watch more episodes of Faith. It's not really a blogging hiatus. I love writing so much to do that, but my posts will be not as frequent as before. I will try to multitask writing and watching! That is possible!

Now what would I do if a man from history comes and kidnaps me? If his name is Choi Young, then I'll willingly go --without hesitation! Ha!

Disclamer: The photos in this post are not mine. They were taken from Faith Official Website and in the internet).


filebookph said…
A great korean drama series to watch! Great story, actors and nice costumes.
Angel Mariel said…
Thanks, filebookph! I have visited your website! It's interesting to see you have Faith there too! :)
Unknown said…
Watched it already and very true its kinda giving me headaches analyzing the plot especially the ending. Nonetheless, Im still very satisfied with Faith.. just seeing Lee's handsome face :) looking forward to more Faith blogs from you :)
Angel Mariel said…
Hi Jigs! Thanks for dropping by! :) I wanted to do a review of the drama but I got caught up with work. Thanks for reminding me! :) I will write it soon :)

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