Grips Hair Styling Products by SkinTec

With the rise of hip and cool hairstyles to improve your self-image, it is important to choose products that provide not only quality but also nourishment to your hair. SkinTec Advance Inc. developed  Grips hair styling products specifically made not only to style, but to also care for the hair. It is available in three forms: gel, clay, and wax. Just chose your preference, depending on your purpose and hair type.

Based on my experience, gels are best used on setting curls. Good thing the loot bag from SkinTec also included Grips Hair Gel. Whenever I curl my hair, I apply gel to fix it. I also use it to prevent frizz. So far, the product has performed well. It dries up a few minutes after application and it holds my hair in place instantly, may it be wet or dry. It smells good too! I can't tell which exactly, but the scent is one of those candies in my childhood: sweet and refreshing. Plus, Grips Hair Gel is formulated with D-Panthenol to moisturize your hair. 

Grips Hair Gel. 
Grips Hair Gel is available in Strong Hold, Strong Hold with Aloe Vera, and Extra Strong Hold. Prices, as of writing, are PhP 11.55 for a 50 gram bottle and PhP20.90 for a 130 gram bottle. Sachets (12 pieces) at 14 grams is available at PhP15.90. Let me say this: it is unbelievably cheap but the performance is of quality.

Next in the Grips line is Clay FX. Hair Clay is used when you prefer not to have that wet-look that hair waxes do. It is matte when applied and the hold is strong. Fans of Daniel Padilla know that this is what he uses to have that cool hairstyle on TV. 

Daniel Padilla for Grips Clay FX.

Grips Clay FX is easily applied on the hair. The color of the product is light gray. The smell is also similar to the candy-like scent of Grips Hair Gel. Furthermore, this hair clay has the EasyWash formula. With that, it can be easily rinsed off from your hair, unlike other hair clay brands out there. It also sa Pro-Vitamin B5 to keep the hair healthy. This is already a premium product from SkinTec! 

Grips Hair Clay FX.
Grips Hair Clay FX is available in 75 gram jar (PhP 86.90) and in 5 gram sachets (PhP4.35 per piece). 

Lastly, we have Grips Hair Wax. I let my straight-haired male colleagues to try this out and they have positive feedback about it. The product worked well in achieving those K-pop or spiky hairstyles. The smell is similar to a hair conditioner. The hold lasts until you wash it. Take note, hair waxes and hair clay need to be washed with shampoo to remove it. I got to say, the effects of hair wax are more visible and works better with short straight hair. This product is also formulated with Pro-Vitamin B5 to nourish your hair.

Grips Hair Wax.
Grips Hair Wax is available in three variants: Hard and Shiny (75 gram jar: PhP 81.75, 5 gram sachet: PhP 3.40), Xtreme Hard and Mat (75 gram jar: PhP 85.00, 5 gram sachet: PhP 3.63), and Hard and Mat (75 gram jar: PhP 81.75, 5 gram sachet: PhP 3.40).

Sachets of Grips Hair Wax. 
I, on the other hand, have just discovered another use for Grips Hair Wax. I asked my fellow cosplayer friends on what they use to fix and hold the wig to get the edgy anime-look. Their answer: hair wax. I wouldn't believe it at first, until I saw some of them actually use it. Other cosplayers have high-quality wigs and putting wax on it was okay. They said that it won't damage the wig. Further, they told me not to use clay or gel on wigs as these may destroy it. 

Me, with my medium-quality wig, still tried the effect of hair wax on it. I used the Hard and Shiny variant of Grips Hair Wax. I only put little amount on the bangs to create that anime-look. Oops, I forgot to ask my friends on how to wash the wig afterwards. Anyway, I will observe the long term effects on my wig and I will update you. 

Grips Hair Wax on my wig, taken last Ozine Fest 2013.
Grips gives you the ease of styling your hair (and wig!), while nourishing it at the same time. It is available in affordable prices, too! Being confident has just been made easier with Grips! 

Be as confident as Daniel Padilla.
Grips and other products by SkinTec are available in Puregold Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, Rustan's Supermarket, and in other leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.


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