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My taste for music spans a lot of genre! I like Pop, Rock, Alternative, K-pop, J-pop, and RnB. What makes me like the song is the lyrics foremost, and rhythm would be next. I am not really a music junkie. I can't even sing! But I turn to music to make me relax whenever I'm stressed out. It also makes me forget time.

As of the moment, my playlist involves a lot of K-Pop songs, thanks to Rain for that matter. There are also Filipino, English and Japanese songs. When I play music, I really pay attention to it. I listen to the rhythm, the tempo, the artist's voice, and the overall emotions of the song. That was how my music critique self was born! It's been a long time since I posted an album review.

My playlist for the moment is as shown below. I usually put it on shuffle so this is not ranked according to how I like the music. Credits of the YouTube videos that I embedded goes to their respective owners. 

1. My Way by Rain -This is the only song which made me cry. You know that I posted this video for the third time already. ^_^

2. This I Promise You by N'Sync -Reminds me of assurance and security from a person.

3. 1/3 No Junjou Na Kanjou (1/3 of My Pure Emotions) by Siam Shade -My otaku side always comes out whenever I listen to anime OST.

4. Stellar by Incubus -This has gotta be my favorite love song of all time! 

5. All I That I Need by Boyzone -A song from my favorite boy band in the 90's! I am still not over Ronan Keating, I tell you!

6. Slowly by Rain -This song has been tagged by fans as "The Hottest Song from the Hottest Man"... and I couldn't agree more! 

7. Be My Girl by JYJ -I find this song sweet and endearing. It gives me shivers every time!

8. Fly Me to the Moon (Aya Bossa Techno Version) -I had my cosplay of Rei Ayanami just recently. Song taken from the Neon Genesis Evangelion OST. I listen to this whenever I need help being in character. This is a cute song, a techno version from the original rendition of Frank Sinatra. 

9. Mirotic by DBSK -This makes me nostalgic and brings me memories of my little sister. This was the first K-Pop video that I saw... back at the time when I didn't know the names of the members of DBSK.

10. Rainism by Rain -Listen to this song and you won't forget Rain and his magic stick!

11. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri -I love this Twilight song! This has even been used in actual weddings, just like the one I recently attended.

12. Love Song by Rain -Well, other than the nice rhythm, I like this better because of Rain's sexy dance moves! 

13. What Make You Beautiful by One Direction -Every girl should listen to this! The song and the music makes me feel beautiful, too!

14. Kung Ako Na Lang Sana by Bituin Escalante -My favorite OPM love song ever!  Reminds me of my high school life. Ah crush, you never looked at me! 

15. Only You by Rain -This has got me hooked! There was a time when I played this one on repeat! The rhythm and the overall composition is beautiful that I made this my starting and ending song after each listening session!

Phew! It's only fifteen songs but the music and the messages is entirely different from each other. From following your dream, love songs, to heartbreaking songs... this just proves that music can break language barriers! 

One piece of advice though, I won't recommend having Filipino, English, Japanese, and Korean songs in one playlist, especially if it's on shuffle. Your brain gets surprised from the sudden shift of language. LOL! However, my hard-headed self still continues on. I love these songs and I am keeping them in my music player! 


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