Samples from Kiehl's

The 2013 Belle de Jour Power Planner has fabulous coupons inside it! The first one that caught my attention was the free samples from Kiehl's. I have been hearing this brand from beauty bloggers and they rave about how good it is! So, before my movie date last weekend, I saw to it that I dropped by Kiehl's in SM Mall of Asia to redeem my coupon.

2013 BDJ Planner Kiehl's coupon.
The Kiehl's boutique had a chemical and medical concept. It was cool! The shelves, floors and walls were wooden. Information about the products were posted on the walls as well. There were technical posters and laboratory items like mortar, pestle, and flasks. Maybe it appeals to other people but the store felt like my workplace. I had a mixed feelings of stress and happiness at the same time. 

The sales person was very accommodating. Her name was Rose. She was smiling as she asked my concern. As I presented her the coupon, I told her that I want samples that would address my big pores. Then, she happily reached for the drawers behind her and got me three items.

Three samples to address big pores.
Rose gave me Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner, and Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion. Perfect! I have a new skin care routine to try out! This would also be the first time that I will use something from Kiehl's. I'm so happy for these samples! I do hope that it can minimize my pores. Now let's see if I will also rave about Kiehl's as much as other beauty bloggers did. 


Helen Blas said…
Wow, you used it already! :D I'll use mine when I drop by Makati or MOA. I don't want to redeem it in Trinoma, they might skimp on their samples! Haha
Angel Mariel said…
Hi Helen! I'm excited to see what samples you will be getting. :)
Star Mercado said…
you didn't have a free skin consultation with them?
Angel Mariel said…
Hi Star! I was in a hurry so I skipped the free skin consultation. :)

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