[Review] Back to the Basic (Rain Asian Special Edition)

I will try something new to my blog today. I want to add more variations in my posts aside from product reviews, movie reviews, and my random thoughts. So I will try to review music from now on. It is something that I haven't done yet. However, my first beauty post about a BB cream taught me that it is good to venture into new topics to write. From there, I was able to make three more posts... and counting! 

Readers will know that I admire the Korean singer/actor Rain. Last Christmas season, I bought one of his albums as a gift to myself. The hallyu wave has invaded my country for a long time and that was the first time that I got an album of this genre. Among the popular boy and girl groups, I only found one album of Rain. It was Back to the Basic (Rain Asian Special Edition): a CD and DVD combo.

 K-Pop records are usually expensive with prices starting at PhP500. Rain's album was no exception, having the price of PhP650.  At first, I was hesitant to buy it because it only contained five songs on the CD and three videos on the DVD. But what choice did I have? It was the only one available in the store, so I fought second thoughts and purchased it. 

My copy of Back to the Basic.
Upon opening, I was amazed at the creativity of how the CD and DVD were placed inside. The prism-like print on it was eye-catching too.

The CD and DVD inside the album were creatively placed.
The tracks included were already familiar with me. Even so, I make it a point to buy original records because the sounds from it are noise-free. Not only that, the music have more bass too! Rain sings of the RnB genre, so bass is important here. So for Back to the Basic, the songs included are:

Track list for Back to the Basic.
Sorry but I don't know how to read and speak the Korean language. I did some research on the lyrics to understand them. Track no. 1, written in Korean, is entitled Love Song. The songs, except for track no. 5 are all sung in Korean, though Rain includes some English phrases in it. 

Even if does include only five songs, I did enjoy listening to this. The beat of the songs stays true to RnB: percussion, smooth rhythm, and rap voices. Love Song is a slow song, while you can dance in to Hip Song. One and Same have balanced elements that make up music reminiscent of your usual western RnB. 

For the DVD, it only had 3 videos: Love Song Music Video, Love Song Live Performance, and Hip Song Live Performance. The quality of these videos were clear and crisp. And after watching Rain perform Love Song live, I can say that this record is worth it after all. Hihi~~

But wait there's more! The CD booklet featured more photos of Rain! For a new fan like me, I didn't see these photos before in the internet. And boy was I shocked and surprised at the same time! Sorry guys, I won't post the photos but here are is a teaser

A collage of Back to the Basic
Overall, I am very much satisfied with this album. What I mean with overall? The whole package: the songs, videos, and the photos! Everything makes up for the PhP650 that I spent! 

If you like RnB, then this album is worth a try. Though from a consumer's point of view, I would rather buy a CD with 10 songs than this. But I am a fan of Rain, so I don't regret every single cent spent on this album. 


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