Another Rain-y Sunday

I miss Rain-y Sundays. It is usually at this time of the morning when I go online and listen to Rain's radio show. At the same time, I interact with my friends from Cloud USA in their forums. Because of Rain, I met new friends. I'm very happy with that.

However, Rain is not the DJ for the army radio show Speeding Instinct anymore. I miss his voice and I miss talking to my friends about it. However, I follow the posts of Cloud USA and I got inspired by the fan videos made by my fellow Clouds. 

Honestly, I don't know how to make videos. I forced myself to learn it. There is this untouched program in my laptop called Windows Live Movie Maker. I tried it out but mastering it is quite a challenge. I can only make simple videos for now. 

So here the result of my hard work... All because I miss Rain. Song and Lyrics taken from the song "I Miss You" by Incubus. Special thanks to the media and fans for taking these lovely photos of Rain.

I miss you, Rain.


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