[Review] Lash King by Majolica Majorca

I have been looking for the mascara that can achieve that doll-like effect with my eyes. Such a find would be perfect for cosplay makeup. Fortunately, I came upon Lash King from Majolica Majorca. It was on a special introductory price and the kind sales assistant, named Leah, invited me to try it. There were two available colors: black and brown. I was impressed by the effects that I got one right away, in black.

I wouldn't have thought that Majolica Majorca would be a Japanese brand because of its European sounding name. I only found out that it is when I saw Japanese characters written on the package. I saw the logo of Shiseido, too. So they must be a sister company of some sort.

For Lash King, the packaging is cute and so regal, only utilizing colors of red, silver, and gold! Japanese characters were on it, of course. I am an otaku so I understand a little of what is written... just a little. ^_^

The product in its unopened package.

It says Eyelash... King Size... Full ?? Mascara

It translates to Acrobat Catch Brush

Uh... Long Fiber..??
The tube of Lash King is so beautiful and it is worthy to be displayed! Once again, let me say this: It is sooo royal!

The Lash King mascara tube.

There's this cute logo on the top handle. Royal.
Here is the Acrobat Catch Brush as it is written on the label. At first glance, it might look like ordinary but this one does wonders.

The brush of Lash King. 
I tried it when I got home and I was once again impressed by the results! I couldn't stop saying "Wowowow!" after each application!

The photo below shows my right eye without the mascara. I only used eyelash curler on this. Notice that I have trouble curling the corner lashes. Yeah, I need to learn more in doing that. 

My right eye without Lash King mascara.
When I applied Lash King, I followed what Leah told me: zigzag motion from the base to the tip. But I added my own style of application. I did the zigzag motion from base and I rolled the brush upon reaching the middle to the tip, all the while pulling up my lashes. 

And... here is the result afterwards. Doll eyes to the core! Wow! The mascara could even curl up the corner lashes that I had trouble with the curler! Impressive!

Here are both my eyes with Lash King:

My eyes with Lash King.

The effects of this mascara lasts until you remove it. The consistency of the black liquid is like wax: sticky. I think it is precisely because of it that this one can hold the curl for a long time. However, what I don't like about it is the smell of paraffin. Yup, it smells a little like floor wax. But it is not strong enough to be bothersome. 

I washed my face with water and the mascara still held my lashes fine. It lives up to its claim of being water-proof. You would need an oil based makeup remover to take it off . What I like further about Lash King is that is it is not stubborn unlike leading brands. It easily came off with makeup remover, which greatly appeals to me.

These positive results make me love Lash King! I'm very satisfied with what it can do and it fits my need for a mascara that can give me doll-like eyes. Whenever I use it, it makes me feel kawaii! This is one product that I am happy to have invested on.


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