[Review] Magnum Ice Cream Chocolate and Strawberry Flavor

New Magnum Ice Cream flavors were out this month (I think). When I headed to the nearest convenience store, I found two new ones: Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate & Strawberry. I grabbed the latter because I didn't crave for too much chocolate that day. 

This Magnum came in with the usual royal packaging with strawberry prints on the side. It is cute, by the way. 

Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry Flavor

The cute strawberry print on the side
According to the label, this Magnum flavor is... Vanilla flavoured ice cream with strawberry ripple coated with chocolate.

The definition of the Magnum
True enough, the definition was what this ice cream was all about. It is coated with chocolate and vanilla ice cream inside it. The strawberry ripples were a disappointment to me. I think this one is obviously artificially flavored. There were no berry 'seeds' present. The strawberry flavor is too sweet but the vanilla ice cream balances it. The Belgian chocolate shell is my favorite part! It slowly melts and blends with the vanilla and strawberry components.

Magnum Ice Cream.

See the strawberry ripples inside.
This flavor is a nice twist to the existing ones in the market. However, this Chocolate & Strawberry fares in just fine with my taste. My favorite is still Chocolate Truffle, nothing can beat that!


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