The BDJ Save/Do Forget-Me-Not Notebook

Just last month, I won this Save/Do FMN notebook from Viviamo!, the company that brought us Belle de Jour Power Planner. What perfect timing too! My goals for the year 2013 is to save up and work hard to improve myself. This notebook is a sign from God that I really need to be committed in doing it. 

The lovely cover.
This FMN Notebook is unique as it has two sides. The purple and the green side. Everything is held up but a large spiral on top so it is easier for me to flip and write! It is pretty and handy, too!

The purple side is about the To-Do list. I also own a 2013 BDJ Power Planner where I can also do the same thing. However, what I like about this mini notebook is that it doesn't have a specific date and time on it. You can literally write on it whatever important things you need to do without time pressure, unless you do otherwise.

The Do purple side.

You are free to write down anything!
The green side is the cash tracker. It is similar to the Cash Flow Tracker in the 2013 BDJ Planner. However, my planner is open to the public. BDJ has cute designs and people just want to look at the insides without thinking that there might be personal things written on it. The FMN notebook comes to my rescue! Finally, I can keep track of money without worry! Furthermore, I can write my expenses in detail.

The Save green side.

Write down your budget flow in detail.
And look! This FMN Notebook arrived with a short and sweet letter! I really appreciate how the BDJ Team makes us Bellas feel special in every way. 

If you want to know more about the products of Viviamo! like Belle de Jour Power Planner and BDJ Box, check out their website at

I love this Save/Do FMN Notebook! Thank you to BDJ Team for this simple yet useful creation! 


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