What Love Is

I know the month of February is at its end. However, inspiration just hit me this week! Now here I am posting about love. 

The source of this sudden burst of creativity is a song entitled 'What Love Is'. I have been hearing this song for a while now, but being in Korean, I didn't understand it. The music and the rhythm is nice. When I came upon the English translation of this song, I realized that the lyrics are heartwarming too. 

This time, the creative output came in the form of a video. I didn't want a music analysis just like Love Story. I just wanted a video of the song's English meaning with random photos of love in general. Of course, I had  to put pictures of him who I admire. 

The song is only about 3 minutes long, but I spent more than three hours on this! Searching for photos, editing, and putting on animations is harder than I thought. Following my first fan video, this is the second one that I made. Well, I am happy that I can practice a little. (Disclaimer: Photos in the video were randomly taken from the internet. For the source of English translation, click here )

Here it is:


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