The Tony Moly JYJ 2013 Calendar

I found out late that Tony Moly was giving out the JYJ 2013 Calendar for the month of January! However, when I visited the Tony Moly kiosk in SM Department store yesterday, I saw that the calendar was still on display. Flipping through the pages, the sales lady approached me saying, "Would you like to have that, Ma'am? There are only two pieces left." Of course, with the rarity of this freebie, I nodded and she happily assisted me throughout my purchase. 

I really need a lipstick to go with my Rei Ayanami cosplay, I decided to experiment with soft pink to nude shades. Tony Moly has nice and attractive colors of lipsticks. However, their colors were more on pinks and they didn't have much in the nude range. So I chose to buy the sweet pink that is close to my favorite shade. I like this one too! It came with a lip gloss that doubles its purpose as a cellphone charm.

The Tony Moly lipstick that I bought.
To complete the required amount, I bought this cute hand cream! The packaging is so irresistible! This is the first time that I will try out a hand cream ever! So I'm excited to use this one and compare it with the body lotions that I use.

Tony Moly MiNi Bunny Hand Cream.

Now for the most exciting part! Here is my Tony Moly JYJ 2013 Calendar! It's pretty big to be a desk calendar. The size is comparable to your usual 8.5 x 11 inches bond paper. The paper material is high quality, too! 

The cover page of the JYJ calendar!
The calendar pages are in white background and a photo of a Tony Moly product is featured on the lower right side. I like the minimal design of this calendar! It is clean and business like. 

The January page of the calendar.
On the opposite side of the date pages, a photo of JYJ, in group or in solo. are featured. The photos were in a house setting. It makes you comfortable and calm by just looking at them. The smiles of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are very contagious in these pictures!

I will share with you my top 4 favorite photos, starting off with Jaejoong:

Jaejoong with a cup (of coffee, milk, or tea?) Anyway, I like his charm here. Plus, he is wearing the perfect shade of lipstick I am looking for.

Kim Jaejoong in the Tony Moly JYJ 2013 Calendar.
Next, is Yoochun. Okay, this photo needs no explanation why I love it!

Park Yoochun in the Tony Moly JYJ 2013 Calendar.
For Junsu, my favorite photo was him reading a book and surrounded by books! It reminds me of my nerdy side! 

My favorite photo of Junsu in the Tony Moly JYJ 2013 Calendar.
Lastly, the photo that I liked most is their group piggyback photo! Looking at JYJ's pose and smile, a gush of childhood laughter enters my heart. It is a kind of rare happiness -pure and real.

My most favorite photo in the Tony Moly JYJ calendar.
Ah! I love this calendar even more! For my birthday month of November, a photo of Kim Jaejoong is featured! I love Jaejoong!

Jaejoong for the month of November.
I'm so happy that I got this calendar! For those of you who still don't have it, Tony Moly has extended this freebie for the love month of February! 

The poster for this freebie. Taken from the Tony Moly Philippines FB page.
I love JYJ very much! I look forward to more JYJ stuff from Tony Moly! The overall concept of this calendar is happiness to me all year round! 


Angel Mariel said…
Hi Tini! :) thanks! I love your blogs too! :)
Helen Blas said…
The GWP got you to shop!! That happens to me a lot too! Haha :D Love the lipstick and the charm and the hand cream. Everything is so cute. :D
Angel Mariel said…
Yup, Helen! Kung pwede lang calendar na lang bilhin eh... hehehehe...

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