My Happy Ever After

Hi, everyone! Pardon this blog post as it is not the usual event coverage, product reviews, or random things. I recently joined a story writing contest organized by Tony Moly Philippines in time for Valentine's day. The contest requires the participants to write a story based on the format given and post it on their Facebook wall. However, I was worried that my version would be too long and Facebook would run out of characters. So, I opted to also post this in my blog for an easy read. 

If you want to join the contest, check out the details on this link. Photos in this post were taken from the Tony Moly Philippines and JYJ Philippines Facebook pages.

I'm trying out my chance on this. It's been a long long time since my story writing days. But I am so inspired with JYJ that I couldn't help the flow of words. *Hihihi* So let's start...


“The next lucky girl is… HyoRin!” shouted Liam, the host of the TV Show “Meet Your Match”. My friends all screamed gleefully in unison as they gave me hugs.

“What? Who? Me?” Shock and surprise filled my head as I shrieked at the news! My friends didn’t tell me about this. I am just an ordinary girl; and having to choose among three handsome bachelors would be awkward. Not to mention that I have to look good on TV as well. How was I supposed to do that in three days? I felt pressured. This supposedly fun sleepover had turned into something troubling.

I woke up the next day, convincing myself that last night didn’t happen. As I turned to look at the alarm clock, I saw an invitation beside it. Silver glitters on the cover reflected the light and I flipped it to see what was inside. Written on gold letters, it said:


This invitation obviously came from the Meet Your Match TV Show. Ironic though, why send an invitation when I was forced to take part in the first place? I just thought of going with the flow for my friends. They worked especially hard to get me a slot on the TV show. I don’t want to embarrass them or put their efforts to waste.

“Are you there HyoRin?” asked my friend Rachel. She came over when I asked for help with makeup and other beauty related stuff. I am not familiar with makeup and fashion at all. What look should I sport? What dress should I wear? Argh! Only two more days to go and I need serious help! 

Chapter 2

“This Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lipstick in Red will complete the look,” said Rachel. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was very impressed with what she did. My eyes were like a doll’s, with the mascara and eyeliners used. My cheeks were only showing a hint of pink. I can’t believe that I was seeing myself in the mirror.

Rachel brought some of her gowns for me. Out of the choices, I picked the simple red long gown with beads that shimmer on it. Red is my favourite color and this one made me feel comfortable.

“What if the bachelors won’t like me?” I nervously asked Rachel. Just a few hours from now, the limousine will pick me up and bring me to the masquerade ball. This is it. The dreaded day has arrived. Lots of trial and errors on makeup and gowns came to this. I should not fail for my friends.

“Don’t worry, HyoRin. Just be yourself and it will be alright,” Rachel replied.

At that moment, we heard the honk of the limousine and then the escorts came in to fetch me. I hugged Rachel before I entered the car. Everything seemed so surreal!

Time went by so fast. We arrived at the venue. The car doors opened for me and I stepped on the red carpet for the first time in my life. Flashes of cameras from the paparazzi blinded my eyes for a few seconds. But I needed to maintain composure. So I took a deep breath, forced a smile, and slowly walked towards the entrance. 

Chapter 3

The doors opened and the classical music from the orchestra filled the air. Then I was inside the marvellous hall, walking through the crowd of beautiful and elegant people. The grand chandelier at the center of the celebration sparkled in gold and yellow. Then amidst the crowd, I heard Liam’s voice, “Please welcome our girl of the night, HyoRin!”

Eyes were suddenly on me. I heard applauses as I slowly walked towards the stage. I sat at the lone chair at the side and waited for Liam to speak up.

“And here are our three bachelors!” Liam said excitedly. The roar from the powerful engines of a Ferrari silenced the crowd. Three men in gorgeous tuxedos slowly got out of the car and strode down the red carpet towards the stage… towards me.

“Please welcome Mr. Charming, Yoochun!” said Liam. The crowd zealously clapped their hands while Yoochun waved at them, sporting a shy smile.

“Next we have Mr. Dashing, Jaejoong!” Liam said. The crowd was very much pleased with the suaveness of Jaejoong who had effortless beauty.

“Finally, Mr. Ladies’ Man, Junsoo, everyone!” Liam’s voice couldn’t be heard as screams from the ladies overpowered him. Junsoo winked and waved at the crowd, while wearing a seductive smile and a come hither look in his eyes.

The three bachelors stood at the opposite side of the stage beside Liam. They are the popular JYJ and I can’t believe my luck that I am here on the same stage with them. In my nervousness, I couldn’t hear what Liam was saying to the three men. Next moment, I saw Yoochun offering his hand to me for a dance.

Yoochun’s hands were soft and comforting.  “Hi! My name is Yoochun,” he told me with a shy smile as he guided me to the center of the ballroom where we danced to the steps of waltz. “My name is HyoRin,” I replied with an equally shy smile. Yoochun didn’t say anything else but continued looking at me with those sweet eyes until…

Jaejoong tapped his shoulder. It was his turn to dance with me. True enough, Jaejoong’s beauty captivated me. “Hi, I’m Jaejoong. You look beautiful tonight, HyoRin,” he said. I couldn’t utter a word in response to him. Just by looking at him left me starstruck.

It was only a short moment with Jaejoong before Junsoo entered the scene. I could hear the wails of women as he took me for a dance. “Hi, HyoRin. I am Junsoo. A pleasure to meet you,” he greeted. What a manly and captivating voice! His eyes glimmered with deep appeal. Now I understand why women fall for him. Suddenly he came closer to me and he wrapped his hands around me while we danced the waltz.  His hands were strong and comforting. “Hi, Junsoo,” was all I could say. He replied with a smile and brought me for the waltz dip.

After the dance, Liam approached me and asked, “So, who is the lucky guy, HyoRin?”

It was hard for me to choose and time was running out. The first person that came to my mind was… “I choose Junsoo.”

Yoochun and Jaejoong shook hands with Junsoo. He then approached me with a sweet smile. And the next thing that happened, the paparazzi flocked around us, something which I am not used to.

Chapter 4


Junsoo held my hand as he led me to the limousine outside. We didn’t talk much during the car ride. It was only a matter of time before we reached our destination, a fancy French restaurant in the city. It had a nice view of the central business district, the lake, and the hills. The setting sun lit the evening sky a brilliant orange glow. Junsoo offered me a seat and we started off with the appetizer. As he gave me a smouldering gaze, he asked, “What do you do, HyoRin?”

“Me? I am currently studying Literature in college,” I answered. I am not sure how he would react to that. Nice going, HyoRin. He must be really bored now. 

However, Junsoo smiled all the more saying, “Wow that’s great!” We talked about our likes and dislikes all throughout the three course meal. Then, Junsoo stood up and offered his hand as he moved towards me. “Let’s look at the lake,” he said.

I took his hand and we strolled to the restaurant’s porch which overlooked the lake. It was already twilight and the evening stars shone brightly. Suddenly, siren-like sounds of fireworks filled the air. Bursts of color filled the sky and it was a beautiful sight to behold!

"It's beautiful!" I squealed as I turned and bumped into him. I did not realize that he was so close to me. Junsoo placed his hands on either side of me on the railing and kissed me forcefully. I didn’t see it coming. I couldn’t believe this was happening! I pushed him away and gave him a swift kick below the belt! How dare he? It was all ruined and I stomped out of the restaurant… with all eyes on me.


Junsoo sends his apologizes. I will make up for what he did to you. –Jaejoong.

That was the text message I received the following morning. I was not sure whether I should go. I still felt enraged about what had happened. However, why not? I could still turn this nightmare into a happy ending, right?

Okay Jaejoong. Thanks. –HyoRin

I’ll pick you up at 3PM. –Jaejoong

Argh! Now it’s another makeover time with Rachel! She had me wear a soft pink makeup look and made me wear a pastel colored dress.

True to the time, Jaejoong’s convertible car was already outside my house come 3 PM. When she saw the car, Rachel handed me a sombrero to wear. It’s going to be a sunny afternoon!

Jaejoong got off his car when he saw me. “Hi, HyoRin! Nice to see you again!” he greeted. He wore a laid back plaid buttoned shirt and khaki pants.

“Hi Jaejoong! Where are we going?” I replied.

“It’s a surprise!” he said coyly. He assisted me to the passenger seat and he drove away from the city. It was about an hour later when we arrived at the destination: a beach resort. I could see a table at the center with beds of roses at the surrounding sand. The sea breeze was soft and comforting. I looked at Jaejoong and he looked back at me. I smiled and thought that this is perfect!

Jaejoong took me to the table and the waiters brought in seafood dishes. The setting, the food, and the mood… this is way better than last night! Then, I heard strings of violin playing Fly Me to the Moon in the background. I turned and I saw a quartet playing my favourite song! How did Jaejoong find out?

I was about to ask him when he stood up and offered his hand to me. I was taken by surprise that my automatic response was to accept it. We danced the same waltz under the moonlight. Everything was so right… perfe….

“OH MY! WHAT WAS THAT?”Jaejoong shrieked while jumping frantically.

I turned to look at the sand to where his feet were. I saw a green slimy lizard on the ready. Ugh… I can’t believe this is happening. Jaejoong got tipped off by a lizard. Such a turn off!

“It’s okay Jaejoong! The lizard is harmless!” I assured him.

“But… but… ah let’s just go home!” he said in a rush.


The following day, I immersed myself in reading my favourite books. I have a lot to catch up after almost a week of planning on dates with two eligible bachelors that ended up in a disaster! I was on the fifth chapter of the book when I heard the doorbell ring. It’s 10 AM. Weird… Rachel didn’t say she would be coming over.

When I opened the door, I saw not Rachel but a simple guy wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers. In his hand was a bouquet of pink roses. He met my eyes, looked at me, and said, “Hi HyoRin! I’m sorry about the surprise visit. I hope you remember me, Yoochun, from the masquerade ball two days ago.”

Okay, this was totally a surprise to me. How did he know about my house? Anyway, it didn’t matter. I will ask him some other time. “Yes, Yoochun. How are you?” I replied.

“I’m good. My friends Junsu and Jaejoong send their regards. Uhm… I was wondering whether we could go out today at the park. Here, the flowers are for you,” he said while gently passing me the flowers.

Oh no! Not another date out. Rachel is not around and I am already disappointed from what happened with the previous guys. However, I didn’t want to reject Yoochun, who came here just to ask me out. Besides, he wore casual clothes. I didn’t think that it was going to be a formal date but just a stroll out.

“Hmmm… Okay, if it’s not going to take long. Wait here while I get my things”, I replied with a smile.

Upstairs in my room, I grabbed my usual day outfit: a feminine blouse, denim shorts, and colourful flip-flops. For my look, I applied on my Cat’s Wink Shiny Skin BB Cream and Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint on my lips. Hey, it’s just going to be in the park so no need for fanciness!

I met Yoochun downstairs and he showed me two bikes. “I hope you know how to ride a bike!” he said with a laugh.

“Of course I do!” I replied as I hopped on the bike and Yoochun did the same too. “Race you to the park!” I told him. I immediately set up, and pedalled so fast that I left him far behind.

“Woah! Wait up!” he called me. Yoochun was panting hard, trying to catch his breath. “We’re almost there!”

What did he mean by ‘almost there’? I slowed down to his pace and he grinned at me. Even though I could see that his expression was tired.

“Look!” he pointed out to the garden part of the park. The sun was shining! It’s a good day! The grasses, trees, and the flock of sparrows made the place so serene and calm. At the middle of the park, there was a picnic setup on the grass.

“Let’s go,” Yoochun said as he assisted me off the bike and lead me to where the picnic setup was. I noticed that even though it was almost noon, there were no people or families in the park. This could only mean one thing: Yoochun reserved the park just for me. How sweet of him. I didn’t expect anything from this stroll, but I got to give him some credit.

I sat down on the grass beside the picnic basket. Yoochun opened it and brought out two chicken sandwiches. “Here’s one for you. It’s something I tried making myself”, he said bashfully. He also took out a bowl salad and some strawberries. Wow, I was very impressed with the food. I wouldn’t have expected Yoochun to be able to cook so well despite being a bachelor!

We talked about the weather at first. Yoochun loves rainy days while I told him that I hate it. “Why?” he asked.

“Because rain ruins all the plans I have for the day!” I replied, irritated.

“Well, I love rain because I get to stay home with my loved ones and I can cook,” he said. I don’t know but, he looked at me with an endearing look when he mentioned ‘loved ones’, and withdrew his eyes awkwardly afterwards.

He changed the topic by saying, “I’ve got some wine that would match the sandwich!” Yoochun took out from the picnic basket two glasses and a bottle of wine. He poured me an ample amount first before his own. “Cheers!” he said. We tapped our glasses together and drank.

Then, Yoochun slowly stood up and offered me a hand. “I have something to show you,” he said. Wow. This day has been full of surprises! I wonder what he has under his sleeve now.

Yoochun led me to the opposite side of the park where there are fewer trees. I saw a hot air balloon being prepped out. I looked at him and he beamed at me.

“I hope you’re not afraid of heights,” he teased.                    
“Ugh not really… but it’s my first time riding a hot air balloon. I’m afraid I can’t do this,” I replied nervously.

“Don’t worry! I will be here for you. I will hold you close and if you feel afraid just lean on me,” he assured me.

Since I don’t want to embarrass Yoochun, I agreed with his plan. He got on to the hot air balloon first then assisted me. I slowly got scared as I saw the balloon being inflated and how it slowly took off from the ground.

“It will be alright. I know how to pilot this thing!” Yoochun said with a sweet smile which almost calmed me.

When we were in the skies, Yoochun held my hand and pointed to the scenery. I could see the blue sky, the sun hidden in the hills, the crystal clear lake, and the busy city! “Wow! It’s beautiful up here, Yoochun!” I excitedly told him. All my fear was instantly gone!

I looked at him. His tantalizing eyes… His beaming smile… His face was reflecting happiness all over the place! Suddenly he is handsome to my eyes. He looked back at me and I felt myself blush. He gave out a soft laugh and I embarrassingly looked away. He put his left arm around me as he said, “It’s not as beautiful as you are.”

After an hour, we went back to the ground. Yoochun and I biked our way back to my house.

“Thanks for going out with me today, HyoRin. I hope we can meet again some other time,” he said with a shy smile.

“Sure, if I will have time in the future, Yoochun,” I replied, embarrassed as well.

“See you, HyoRin,” he voiced as I closed the door. I sat on the nearest sofa thinking about what happened today. Yoochun unexpectedly asked me out for a stroll which turned out to be the best date I’ve had! Yoochun accepted me as I am, without fancy clothes and makeup. Yoochun… Now why am I suddenly thinking of him?

Chapter 5

They say that time moves really fast when you’re happy. I never did believe that… until now. I heard the doorbell ring once. I hurried to answer it. Upon opening the door, I saw his eyes fixed on me. Those same eyes had the subtle look of shyness mixed with a burning determination that he had five years ago.

“Are you ready?” Yoochun asked with a charming smile. He was wearing a formal tuxedo now, all the while carrying pink roses in his right hand. Pink roses… just like five years ago.

“Yep. I am,” I answered slowly. I am not sure if I look good. I applied makeup on myself this time and I chose this silver gown that I’m wearing. For five years being with Yoochun, I have learned all about beauty and fashion in his world as a celebrity.

“You look stunning!” he complimented with a sincere look and smile. He handed me the flowers, held my right hand, and led me to his car.

I knew that we are going to celebrate our anniversary as a couple. However, Yoochun didn’t reveal the exact place of where we were going. That’s his character; he always has the element of surprise.

After about an hour, we arrived in a place full of paparazzi. There was a red carpet and Yoochun escorted me for a walk to the grand hall. This place… this was the ball room where the masquerade ball was held five years ago. This was the place where we first met.

As I entered the room, the same classical music filled the air. I looked around, and this time, I saw not strangers but familiar faces. Liam was smiling at me. I saw Junsoo and Jaejoong giving a nod to Yoochun. Rachel was also there, she was teary eyed yet I could see she was happy. My parents and the rest of my family were present too. Yoochun’s family was also there.

Then the waltz started and Yoochun offered his hand for a dance. People around were staring at us. I wonder what he is up to this time. I had the feeling everyone here knew about it except me.

Yoochun then distanced himself a foot away from me, but he never let my hand go. He kneeled and took out a beautiful gold ring decorated with a glimmering diamond stud. He looked at me dearly and said, “HyoRin, will you marry me?”

Out of all the surprises he gave me for five years! This one was the best! I trembled and cried tears of joy. His eyes shone with sincerity, with a touch of apprehension though. I didn’t know how long I was crying before I said…

“Yes, Yoochun.”

The worried look on his face was instantly gone and it was replaced by a very happy smile. He stood up and held me close. I held him tight too, all the while hearing the applause and cheers of the people around us. 

Everything was magical. Not all that glitters is gold and sometimes you have to step off the beaten paths in order to find that happy ending.



Tell me what you think, everyone. :)


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