Beautiful Mornings

Being a person who likes to sleep and relax, waking up to an alarm is a no-no. I use my phone as the alarm clock. The ringing sounds and tones just kills me every morning! I hate being disturbed from dreamland.

There is this one wish I always had: to wake up every morning without an alarm. To just wake up because I have finished my hours of sleep. 

But reality bites and I need to wake up early... like very early. Waking up to beautiful mornings with an alarm clock was rare.... until....

"It is great to wake up every morning because your handsome face is what I see first." 

Ah! Game changer! When before I frown when I press the snooze button, now I smile... but still presses the snooze button. LOL! Happiness really comes in simple and small packages. I wake up with a smile now and guess what, it brings great joy all throughout the day! 


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